A Parent’s Checklist


For seven seasons now, I have been part of this wonderful bible study group of women called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Each season, which is like an entire school year, men, women, toddlers, children, even teens, from all over the world study God’s word thoroughly. Check out http://www.bsfinternational.org for BSF classes in your country/area. 

It was not only me who benefited from BSF but both my kids did too. Coby and Jianne are graduates of the BSF’s preschool program. The Children’s program is so great because the kids get to learn the same lessons the adults do but at a level the child can understand. I have also been a recepient of those wonderful Home Tranining Lessons they give to the moms after each class. The HTL reinforces the lessons learned by the child that day and it also gives valuable tips on parenting and being a Godly parent. 

in our HTL last week, I found this Parent’s Checklist which I believe can help not only me but other parents as well. Again, the words here are not my own, Go through the list and check one which you think has helped you improve your relationship with your child. You can also add more to the list and make it your own personal checklist.

I have sourced them from BSF’s Home Training Lesson. Have fun! 


A Parent’s Checklist

Today I:

  • Hugged my child and told him, “I love you”
  • Prayed specifically for my child
  • Listened carefully when my child wanted to talk
  • Read to my child
  • Discussed God with my child
  • Expected obedience from child
  • Exhibited patience with my child
  • Sang or listend to music with my child
  • Spoke about his father/mother with loving respect
  • Did not expect behavior beyond his or her age capabilities
  • Trained him or her with appropriate boundaries and consequences
  • Punished disobedience with appropriate measures 
  • Helped my child learn something new
  • Encouraged my child to do something for someone else
  • Took action to shield my child from evil and harmful influences
  • Challenged and helped my child to do something be thought he could not do
  • Avoided punishing my child when I was angry
  • Exhibited good manners for my child to model
  • Commended my child for a valuable character quality 
  • Read the Bible to my child
  • Prayed with my child
  • Modeled only those attributes I want my child to emulate
  • Lauged with, not at, my child
  • Thanked my child for something he or she did
  • Gave my child some responsibility
  • Did not talk negatively about my child in his presence
  • Praised and thanked my child more than I criticized him
  • Asked my child’s forgiveness when I was wrong
  • Forgave my child immediately 
  • Made time to be alone with my child
  • Did not make a promise to my child that I cannot keep