How The Avengers Helped the Medicine Go Down


Jianne has been sick and was not able to get some sleep Sunday night. The cough syrup did not work as she coughing incessantly. I had a feeling this was not an ordinary kind of upper respiratory infection (cough) so I took her to their pediatrician the following day. My hunch was correct, she had asthma. I really felt bad because I didn’t have any Ventolin nebules stocked in the house. The kids never had an asthma attack. In fact, this would be the second time Jianne would be using a nebulizer since age 2.

The doctor prescribed the nebules, and two other medicines, an antibiotic and a steroid. I was hesitant to give her  the steroid but as per doctor’s advice I had to follow.

the dreaded meds

the dreaded meds

So right after dinner last night, I had to give her the two meds. After lazily “sipping” the first medicine for 5 minutes, she expelled everything! Aaarggh!!! She kept saying she didn’t like the taste. I told that all she needs to do was to take a big gulp so she wouldn’t taste the meds.

Over breakfast this morning, she asked if she needs to take the medicines again. I said, “Yes. You need to drink it even if you don’t like the taste.” She tried to convince me not to but the tables were turned.

“You know, you have bacteria in your body right now, that’s why you are sick. That’s why we need to fight those bacteria with the medicine,” I explained. Then she gave me a scientific answer, “Isn’t it that my white blood cells are already fighting the germs? Then why do I still have to drink those (pointing to the meds)”? Hmmm excellent point there.

“Yeah, the white blood cells are fighting but because the bacteria are so strong your body needs stronger helpers. Your body needs the Avengers medicine!”


When I saw a smile on her face I knew I had a breakthrough. Then I added, “Remember how the Hulk threw Loki around like a toy? That’s what your meds will do to the bacteria. They will destroy all of them! Ironman, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America and Thor will make sure all the germs are dead!”

She giggled and finally agreed to drink the first one. And then the next. Success! No hurling at all! Thanks to the Avengers!

hurray for the Avengers!

hurray for the Avengers!

What strategies do you use to make kids drink medicine? Let’s share in the comments 🙂