It’s a Wrap! Frugal Christmas Wrapping


Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I haven’t ticked off any name on my Christmas list yet 🙁 In a few weeks, I would be painstakingly searching my usual gift hubs (bazaars and night markets) for one-of-a-kind items. The next thing to do would be wrapping them all up. What a joy to wrap gifts primarily because the Lord has provided means for me to buy a special tokens for special people in my life.

Presentation is key. The way you dress, you serve the food or even wrap gifts says always leaves a lasting impression. Who wouldn’t want to receive a neatly wrapped gift? The presentation of the gift is an expression of how the giver values the recipient. It may be simple pen or diary but enclosed in a unique package. They say, “It’s the thought that counts.” I say, nothing wrong with giving it more thought…

Last week, I was invited to be part The Pink Tea Cup  Shoppe’s free gift wrapping workshop and holiday entertaining. The workshop was open to Pink Tea Cup subscribers and Sparks Homeschool Moms, since I am both, I get the experience my first craft workshop ever!

I’m not a crafty kind of girl, my daughter is. Jianne would be cutting, sticking or doodling flowers or something on pink construction paper anywhere in the house. While I would rather read a book than do crafts.  But after that afternoon with Lorrie, I might give crafting a try.

Lorrie, who is a self-confessed frugal mom like me, showed us how to wrap Christmas gifts with almost anything you have in the house. Her materials range from be old newspapers, paper bags, pages from old books, which was my favorite and scrap cloth. Old boxes and plastic containers can also be jazzed up with paint and adorable trinkets.

She shared four components in gift wrapping which includes:

  1. Wrap material is the  material used to hide the gift. Wrap materials are endless from crepe paper to wall paper!
  2. Tying or adhering material could be your regular Scotch tape to Washi tapes.
  3. Tag or label where you put the name of the recipient.
  4. Embellishments could be in the form of ribbons, tassels, jewels or small trinkets.
Lorrie's genius gift wrapping ideas

Lorrie’s genius gift wrapping ideas

one of my favorites, using old book pages as the focal point

one of my favorites, using old book pages as the focal point

proud crafters :-)

proud crafters 🙂

Lorrie also presented a Hot Coco Bar that we can do for our Christmas get-togethers. I love her branding style too with Krispy Kreme. Easy-peasy right?

Lorrie cut out the Krispy Kreme logo :-)

Lorrie cut out the Krispy Kreme logo 🙂

Hot Coco Bar with donuts and sandwiches

Hot Coco Bar with donuts and sandwiches

crafts 014

my plate with paper flower

my plate with paper flower

Last year, I wrapped all the Christmas gifts in Manila paper and ribbons. Now that I have new ideas on how to hide the gifts, all I need to do is purchase the gifts 🙂

Do you give much thought about wrapping your gifts? What’s the most memorable gift you ever received? Do share with me.