Countdown to Christmas


As of writing, our daughter Jianne says that there are only 48 days till Christmas! Waking up in the morning gets a little harder these days. The cool breeze makes you want to pull back the blanket and go back to sleep. Christmas trees and assorted decor fill the aisles of our local bookstore. The kids are already dropping hints on what gifts they want this year.

Another indicator that the “rush’ beckons is the increasing number of inquiries about our food business. Both new and former clients express their place their orders as early as November so that I could accommodate their orders. This is also the time I finalize any changes in the new recipes I made, ask the husband to do the costing and help market our products too.


Sadly, though, when our business started our Christmas has been different. I hardly have time to do something meaningful and creative with the kids. Last year, I planned to start a new tradition with our family. Unfortunately, it did not materialize. Good thing i was not able to share my plan with the kids beforehand or I would have broken my promise to them.

When my brother and I were younger, our family’s Christmas was very simple. Bazaars were already a hit in the 1980’s and our family would frequent those places in Pasay City. This has become a go-to place for unique and inexpensive gift items for our family. My father who is now in his 60’s would still visit bazaars nearby.

Then, it’s the annual trip to the department store for some holiday outfit. This has been a tradition too in our family until we can do things including shopping independently using our father’s money!


Setting up the Christmas tree was a huge event for me. My father would play Christmas songs by Jackson 5 and The Carpenters. As the music fills the room, I would happily hang the ornaments on the tree. My mother on the other hand would be busy prettifying those simple gifts by wrapping them in shiny red or green Christmas wrappers.

Christmas Eve was spent in my grandfather’s house with my mother’s siblings. I could smell the folks whipping up those  hearty meals for everyone. Soon, my brother and I together with our young uncle and aunt, would tear those Christmas wrappers apart and jump for joy as the gifts are revealed.

On New Year’s day, at times were spent with my father’s side of the family. I have more cousins on my father’s side and have very memorable moments with them. My brother and I never went caroling so our cousins taught us how to do it… I never went caroling after that! haha!

Now that I have my family, I wanted our kids to experience the same traditions we had when we were younger. I have kept the bazaar shopping though it gets too crowded at times that the kids don’t enjoy them anymore. They do look forward to the family reunion at my husband’s side of the family because they get to spend time again with their favorite cousins.


Sadly, I don’t have relatives here anymore on my mother’s side. Everyone is abroad including my mother and two brothers. Although, the cousins I have on my father’s side are all here and last year the girls decided to get together at home. We are hoping that it would start a new tradition with us and our kids.

But more than the Christmas shopping and family gatherings, I was hoping to start a simple and meaningful tradition with my husband and the children. Nothing fancy or that would cost us a lot but something that they will look forward to every year.

I know a mom (homeschooling one) who can help me plan and create a simple yet worthwhile activity that my family can do as we count the days before Christ’s birthday. Teacher Lorrie, Miss Lorrie or Lorrie is a homeschooling mom for more than 16 years. I met her in a homeschooling group/coop years ago and I got to see first hand how creative this woman can get! The Lord has indeed blessed her with a creative mind and hands.


She and her husband used to export Christmas decors in the past and she even set up her own craft/hobby shop. Imagine how creative this woman can get! But now that she is only homeschooling one daughter, she has more time to go back to crafting and the arts ergo the Cuki Confections was born. If you’re on Instagram, you’ll be delighted to see those dainty, hand painted cookies that are so pretty you don’t want to eat them haha!

Join Ms Lorrie as she helps us plan a simpler Christmas this year at the Creative Christmas Planning Workshop on November 14, 2015 at Canvas Alabang. It will be an afternoon of free-flowing coffee, Cukis and crafts. We are looking forward to seeing you all. Secure your slot by registering here

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