When I met my hubby years ago, I was glad to know that he was Mr. Fix-It!  Aside from repairing and fixing things around the house, he can also fix cars. No, he is not a mechanical engineer. He just loves cars ever since he was a young boy. I remember my mother-in-law telling me that she seldom visits car shops because Peewee, my husband, will be the one who would look after their cars. It saved her lots of money too. Peewee loves working with his hands, literally 🙂

A few weeks ago, we decided to have my clinic renovated. Unfortunately, the man hired by my father was not a good one. I was piqued that after days of working on such a small space in my father’s house, we had to redo what this carpenter supposedly should have done well. So, the reopening of my clinic was delayed again.

As I showed my husband the carpenter’s work, he too was frustrated and decided to do the job himself. He started in the morning and completed the job in the afternoon. I was blessed to hear him say a prayer every time he would cut, attach or install something. He would pray to God,” Please help me make this work, Lord.” I was also there with him. I was his handy assistant, his errand girl. I watched him carefully and learned a lot.

Even though his back and legs hurt, he was rejoicing when the leak was fixed. He thanked the Lord for giving him the wisdom to know that to do and for giving him the energy to just do it. I am grateful too that he is intentionally teaching our son, Coby to develop such “manly skills”. He would call on Coby to be his helper whenever he tries to assemble something for the home. Our daughter Jianne would be jealous of her brother doing the “Handy Manny” stuff, so she too would try to help out her Papa and older brother. Nothing wrong with girls being skilled in the “man” stuff too.




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The love for writing began early in life however the passion slowly ebbed away by the waves of a so-called profession. But after years of changing diapers and pulling teeth, the reluctant writer emerges to live out the gift bestowed upon her by the gracious Father.

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