Help Fund Cancer Treatment for 250 Pesos


Did you know that your 250 pesos can help fund the medical treatment of cancer patients? Think about it. That amount of money can buy you a decent meal at your favorite restaurant or get you and a friend your coffee fix. But if you have an opportunity to help save a life with just 250 pesos, would you do it?

I did, and you can too.

I came across these classy watches the LoveHopeFaith Group sell on Instagram. When I checked their profile, I was more impressed. Fifty percent of their sales help support the medical treatments of cancer patients! Whoa! Can you believe that?

Their Live Saver watches come in big and small and in a variety of colors. Both sizes sell for the same price of 250 pesos. Visit their online shop and choose your favorite color.

Let me share with you the online interview I had with the company’s team.

When and how the company started

In 2013, a relative of the founders was stricken with breast cancer. They provided emotional and financial support to her fight against cancer. This relative became the first beneficiary of the LoveHopeFaith company. And this inspired the founders to help more cancer patients. The business aims to help cancer patients win their battle against the disease.

LoveHopeFaith Group is a company that helps cancer patients fund their medical treatments. Fifty percent of the net proceeds of their products’ sales go to the beneficiaries.

We are a cause-oriented enterprise who aims to give joy and hope by providing affordable products to Filipinos, at the same time, giving back to the community.

Why did you choose watches as your primary product?

LoveHopeFaith Group initially did not plan to sell watches but considered it as an instrument of God’s grace. Back in 2013, the opportunity of making use of the watch as a primary product of LoveHopeFaith Group was a divine intervention – to help a loved one who is suffering cancer and later on, to help more cancer patients.

Beneficiaries and selection process

We always dream of helping people who need our help. We have started by helping children that have cancer but we are targeting to help more. At present, LoveHopeFaith Group’s beneficiaries are children aged 0 to 15 years old who have cancer.

Before becoming a beneficiary, the guardian must apply and send the necessary requirements. Then, a series of screenings and interview will follow. Soon, the selected beneficiary will receive medical and financial support.

How have these kids and their families responded to your company’s desire to help them? Can you share a memorable experience?

We conduct interviews twice a month to more than 30 beneficiaries. Our group has met various situations that a beneficiary’s family can go through. Each family’s journey through cancer has always been an inspiration to us.

Aside from the giving 50% of your sale to the patients, do you have other donors who regularly help your recipients?

The success of the LoveHopeFaith Group is a collective effort. There are very important people who made it possible. We have the customers, the employees, friends, and families of the founders. All have donated and helped sponsor events.

How do you envision your company in the next 5 years? What are your plans?

In the next 5 years, we would like to help at least 3,000 cancer patients. We would want to give more than what we give today.

We envision the team to grow and hire more employees that have the heart to help cancer patients. It is also a goal aim to create new connections so that we can impact more people. As we do this, we can help patients not only here in the Philippines but in other parts of the world.

Personal Experience

I purchased my LoveHopeFaith small watch in Army (green) online at 250 pesos. In my little way, I know that buying it would help fund a child who has cancer. I am hoping to buy more for my family. LoveHopeFaith Group can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

save a life

If you’re looking for purposeful gifts to give this Christmas, why not buy these watches from LoveHopeFaith group? It’s time to help save a life!