This week has been quite a busy one.  Coby and I are finishing the last quarter of homeschool, at the same time I am still completing my writing job.  To top it all, we are moving out of my parents’ house and venturing out on our own.  And, and, not to mention a writing workshop on the weekend.

This would be my first time to join a writing workshop and I am apprehensive and excited at the same time.  Apprehensive of the comments I would receiving since this would be the first time someone from the real writing world would look into my writing style.  I am looking forward to it too as this is the initial step I am taking in pursuing a career? or taking my writing to the next level? I don’t know.  All I know is writing is my passion, and it has been ever since the world began 🙂 Now at the ripe age of 30 plus ( hehe) I think its about time I take it seriously.

In preparation for the weekend workshop, we were given a writing assignment.  We were asked to write two instructional paragraphs of any hobby or expertise.  As I contemplated on the topic, expertise? What am I an expert at? What am I good at? Seriously? I can’t think of one, nada!  Then as I stared at the screen for quite a while, my eyes shifted to the kids who were busy drawing, then I had that light bulb moment! So this is what I got…

How to Preserve your Kids’ Artwork

When you enter your kids’ room, do you open to a room filled not only with toys laying on the floor but of papers filled with your kids’ drawings? How about when you open your favourite notebook or notepad and see pages drawn with cars, people, balloons and houses? Or when the kids take a break from studying you find them scribbling something on the top pages of their books or notebooks? If you answered yes to all the questions, then probably you have a budding artist in your home like me.  Our eldest son, who will be turning 8 in the next weeks, LOVES (I could not emphasize it more) to draw.  His favourite subject are vehicles, most especially sports cars and classic cars.  His younger sister, who is 4 years old, seems to be following his footsteps.  She too would be drawing princesses, animals and families.  So when I move around the house, it would be impossible not to spot sheets of papers everywhere.  I get overwhelmed at times by the “mess” so my husband and I thought of a way to keep these precious artwork and at the same time teaching the kids to be responsible and neat.

First, scout the house for old clear folders, you may have a few tucked away somewhere.  Get them and label each clear folder with your kids’ names.  If you don’t have them in the house, don’s sweat it, get some at the bookstore and get the long clear folders and label them as well.

Second, for the older kids, let them put dates on their drawings or paintings.  This would allow you to see their progress and would encourage them to see the improvement in their skills or talents.  But for the younger ones, moms take charge of putting dates on their work.  Also, let them write their names always on their works, like an artist’s signature.

Third, you don’t need to put all their artwork in the clear folders or you will end up with folders piling up.  Pick only the best drawings.  Like our son who loves to draw cars, I would only choose the drawings where it shows more details.  Or drawings that different from what he usually draws.  There was one Sunday, I was surprised to see still life sketches at the back of his Sunday school assignment.  I asked Coby if that was his work, he said yes.  At first, I could not believe it was his since he never drew still life before or take fruits or vases as subjects.  But he told me he is interested in sketching.  So I kept that and included it in his portfolio.  For the little one, I would pick one which tells a story.  Jianne’s drawings would be filled with families hugging each other of flowers.  She colors well too (inside the lines) and I would pick the ones that showcase her coloring skills.

Lastly, we would show the kids where to put their drawings when they are finished.  We need to model it to them so they would know how to do it and they would be reminded to do it every time they complete something.  Not only are they learning to be responsible and neat, they also help mom clean up. 🙂


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