How was your January?


Yes, I know. February is about to end and here I am blogging about January. Sure, my response time for January is almost two months late, and it took me that long too to publish this post.

I always look forward to January. New year, new season, new opportunities, new lessons to learn. The church where I belong to holds a church-wide Prayer and Fasting week on the second or third week of January. I have, in many instances, received revelations and answers to prayers from the Lord after the Prayer and Fasting week. I add these to my spiritual milestones.

God’s revelations

I remember the year I inquired of the Lord if I should pursue our small business, and His response was a resounding ‘yes’. Then, the Lord reminded me to pray for a specific thing that I have not prayed for in a long time. Last year, I had a rebuking during the Prayer and Fasting week. That experience and God’s timing led me to understand myself more.

Another event that I look forward to in January is the IDC. The International Discipleship Congress is an annual gathering of Chirst followers and leaders from all over the world to learn from a panel of Christian authors and leaders. I always look forward to IDC every year. From the time I started attening, the Lord has used these men of God to stir my heart to action.

I realized a lot of things in IDC, from raising Generation Z kids to the authenticity of the Bible. But one talk struck a nerve. And it was my first time to hear this pastor speak.

Here’s this very popular pastor who has been serving the Lord for 25 years and he still trembles at God’s word. I kept repeating that phrase, “tremble at God’s Word” in my mind for days. What’s it like to tremble at God’s Word? defines tremble as to shake involuntarily with quick, short movements, as from fear, excitement, weakness, or cold.

Do you tremble at God’s Word?

I asked myself: Do I tremble at God’s Word? Am I excited to read the Bible? Do I have revere, honor, or fear the Lord’s Words?

There was a season in my life where reading the Bible became an obligation, a task I need to check off my to-do list. I had to do it because it was part of the discipline of a follower of Christ. But the rebuking of the Lord straightened me out. Two years ago, I promised myself I will read the entire Bible but everything went haywire. Now, I am continuing that vow and hope to complete my reading by the second quarter of this year.

More important that completing all the books of the Bible is the renewed desire of my heart. The Lord has given a new hunger for His Word. I am back to journaling as well. In fact, this post came from the pages of my journal.

Going back to this pastor… His love for the Lord moved me. I was jealous of his relationship with the Lord. Just when I thought I was passionate for the Lord, this guy shows up. He made me question my own zeal for the Lord. “Lord, how can this guy have so much love for you and your Word?”

I hope you didn’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. Hearing him speak and seeing his devotion to the Lord, moved me to take action in my own life. The Holy Spirit used this pastor’s testimony not only to inspire me to cause me to do something or change whatever needs to be changed in me.

What’s next?

So, aside from continuing my excitement for God’s Word, the Lord prodded me to have more offline connections with people. Yes, sharing inspiring posts and Bible verses regularly helps the readers. But I should get out there and have face to face conversations with women outside my Christian group. I have to stop hiding behind my social media posts and the real Inspirited Mom.

So, that’s my January. It was again a refreshing and empowering month from the Lord. So, how am I going to do this? I have no idea. I am taking the cue from the Lord one day at a time. He will lead me to the right people. And I hope I don’t make excuses.