When was the last time you found joy in the ordinary? We wake up to the same routine every day.

Instinctively, we travel to and from our destination. We move from our home to the office or school without much fanfare. There is a rush from point A to point B. However, the journey becomes a hassle because of the horrendous traffic. However, if we take our eyes of the routine, we may see the beauty in the mundane things.

When you work from home like me, you dread going out and commuting. Whether it’s driving or taking public transportation, commuting is a dread these days. Sitting in traffic is not the best use your time. But what can we do? Nothing. We sit and wait.

When I go out to market our products or to meet with friends, I tend to plan long commutes when the kids are on school break. The schedule is lighter and I have more free time. And for the past weeks, I did just that.

joy in the ordinary

Finding Joy

During my second week of rendezvous,  I agreed to meet my college friend in Quezon City. Coming from the south, it would roughly take me one and a half to two hours to reach our meeting place. It would take four modes of public transpo just meet with her. Still, I agreed to meet with her for lunch one day. I had conditioned my mind of what I am about to expect: heavy traffic, the scorching heat, and the sardine-like experience on the train. That’s why I put on my walking shorts and a sling bag.

After three rides (tricycle, jeep, bus), I hopped on the train (MRT), my final ride to Quezon City. To my surprise, there were a few riders. I even got to sit down all the way to my final station. The mood in the train was cool too. People seemed relaxed as well. No pushing or heavy sweating. It was just chill. I thank God for that safe and relaxing ordinary train ride.

My friend ordered dessert after our emotional yet encouraging lunch discussion. It took a while to prepare the dessert we ordered but when it was served, oh boy! We couldn’t get our spoons off it. it was the best Banana Split I ever tasted! It was to die for!

joy in the ordinary

My next destination was in a different part of Quezon City. I took a cab to pay a surprise visit to another friend. I was hesitant to take a cab because of the not so good news about them lately.  As I opened the cab door, I prayed for a safe journey.  The short taxi cab ride was fairly good. The driver’s demeanor made me at ease. I also had a kick at our conversation on the proposed Anti-Distracted Driving Act. The ordinary short taxi ride was another blessing that day.

God’s Little Surprises

So I was successful in surprising this other friend, yay! She was not expecting me to knock on her door that afternoon. We chatted for a while about our concerns and I got to know her a little better. If time wasn’t a factor, I am sure we would have chatted the whole day. Anyway, I picked up one thing from our conversation. Now I know why the Lord allowed me to see her that afternoon. God is good. So we said our goodbyes and failed to take a photo! What? Tsk. It is always a delight to see this sister in Christ.

When I left my friend’s house, I had no idea where I was. I took a jeepney again. This time, the kind jeepney driver pointed me to where I am supposed to go. The ordinary jeepney ride brought me joy once again. I was a recipient of the kindness of people that day.

I reached the train station in Quezon City. My husband will pick me up at my final station and we would drive home. I was expecting a large crowd at the station since it was almost the rush hour. But I was wrong, again. The afternoon ride was pleasant just like my morning commute.

joy in the ordinary

The elder lady sitting beside me was already on the phone when she rode the train. I overheard her saying that a family member’s someone’s oxygen level had dropped. She added that she had to take a leave off work the following day. She continued that she was not able to attend her scheduled meeting that day because of the emergency. I didn’t know who was sick and needed urgent care at this time.

I wanted to talk to the lady so I could pray for her but she alighted the train still talking on the phone. Right there, I said a short prayer for the lady’s family member.

Finally, my husband drove by our meeting place. Our drive home was also pleasant. It was so ordinary. God made me see that there is beauty in the mundane. Coming from weeks of emotional turmoil, the Lord allowed me to see that there are still good people. Kindness still rules. Despite having heart breaks, I could be joyful even in the ordinary, the things we take for granted. I came home exhausted from the trip but with a heart that was so full, full of joy.


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