Knitting for Kids


Our daughter celebrated her 8th birthday last week. This girl has been the countdown to her birthday ever since I celebrated mine last August. Over the months, she has repeatedly told us the gifts she would like to receive, from a new bicycle with a pretty basket to the Minecraft papercrafts.

My husband and I don’t give expensive gifts for our kids’ birthdays. So getting her a new bicycle in October is not going to happen.

I think it was last month when she and her older brother discovered It’s a free site for Minecraft fanatics who can download foldable patterns and assemble their favorite characters like Steve and Enderman. My daughter was able to download and create her own Anna and Elsa paper craft from this site. Getting her the Minecraft papercraft set at the toy store is now out of the question.


So, after having her birthday dinner at home, we headed to the nearest toy store. We looked at her favorite dolls and stuffed toys but she didn’t show any interest at them. Then we checked out the arts and crafts section. Her eyes lighted up when she saw boxes of DIY thingies. She picked up a DIY bracelet set which included four leatherette straps and different styles of stickers that looked like jewels.

As we headed to the counter, a store clerk showed us more of these DIY sets. Then my eye caught this funky colored box called Darn Yarn from Fashion Angels which has a picture of girl wearing an infinity scarf. I got so excited and showed the box to her. Since she wanted to learn about crocheting, I figured this set could help her get the (yarn) ball rolling. Though this is a knitting project not a crochet one, but it’s something she can try first to get her to love yarns.

When we got home, we checked out the items included in the set. It has the yarn in three colors, a round loom, yarn needle and hook plus 2 sheets of instructions all housed in this cute tote bag. It also has 2 sets of instructions which are large enough for 8-year-olds to view and follow.  You can also check out video tutorials at the site.


In the beginning, my daughter was too lazy to try it out. I was the one who started the project but after a day, she decided to put her hands to work and dedicated her mornings to working on her infinity scarf. The box recommends the kit for 8-year-olds but for my daughter who has small hands, she would be needing some assistance from an adult. The yarn can easily unravel from the pegs and you have to start all over again once this happens. Maybe 10-year-olds can already handle the yarn with ease compared to my little girl. But overall, the project is easy to do. What’s so nice about this is that you can buy new yarns, combine any color you want and reuse the round loom. My daughter plans to make a scarf for her friend and her favorite cousin for Christmas, of course with my help again.


I am a serious crocheter but knitting project interests me too! That’s why I think this project is not only for kids for your moms too. It’s relaxing but you have to be patient as this cannot be completed in a day. We completed ours in five days working only a few hours a day.

finished infinity scarf

finished infinity scarf

happy to try it on

happy to try it on

Aside from the infinity scarf, Darn Yarn also has a Bow Headband Kit and a Monster Hat Kit. Rush to your favorite toy store and start knitting! Happy crafting!

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