Pop Quiz: Can you name these famous archers?

Merida, Hawkeye, Robin Hood, Katniss, Legolas
Merida, Hawkeye, Robin Hood, Katniss, Legolas

When the movie Lord of the Rings came out, I was mesmerized with Legolas. Times have changed and now Daryl, the crossbow-zombie-fighting character, has replaced the long-haired elf in my heart. Weird?


Looking at these archers standing tall, chin close to the bow, one arm extended in front while the other pulled back and eyes zeroing on the target, there’s a certain vibe that I can’t explain. They look so confident and strong!

Though archery is not a strenuous sport like soccer or basketball, it will involve arm stability, focus (concentration), hand and eye coordination and precision. On Father’s Day those factors were put to test when the kids and their Papa visited a new archery range in our area.

Kodanda Archery Range opened its second branch in BF Paranaque on June 12, 2015. The new site is at the second floor of MetroStar Mall along Aguire Avenue. The range is owned and operated by Bobby Banaag, Bing Puhawan, Joey Acetre, Dr. Paolo Miguel and Salvacion Manalo.

As you enter the glass doors, you will see the reception area on the left. On the right is an area where guests or non-players can observe the archers behind glass panels. The bows are anchored on bow racks just a few feet from the reception area. The shooting range can probably accommodate about eight archers (just an estimate).

My husband used to play archery when he was about the same age as our son. He says he misses it and wished that he saved all his archery equipment. When we checked out the prices of the bows, they were quite expensive around eight thousand pesos for a compound bow, which was the assembled type.

Since our son is not into sports, we thought of introducing him to archery. Two years ago we scouted for archery classes here in the south. We were referred to one in Cavite but still it was a far from our place.

Then I saw an FB post by a batchmate who will be opening an archery range in BF Paranaque. I got the information and we headed there on Father’s Day.

Good thing, kids and even adults can learn archery indoors. Class fee is 6,000 for 10 sessions (one hour each session) which includes equipment rental, range fee, target paper and one on one coaching. The range is open from noon to 9PM on weekdays and 11am to 8PM on weekends.

But if you only want to shoot some arrows, you can go for their hourly rate of 580 per person with equipment rental, range fee, target paper and basic instructions. They also have a free trial for the month of June, first five shoots are free 🙂

Prepping with arm guard and finger tab
Prepping with arm guard and finger tab



My husband noticed the grouping of Jacob’s shots were close together. He even hit the target on his last shot. He showed interest in archery and hopefully we could shoot some more in the near future.

Coach Grace giving basic instructions
Coach Grace giving basic instructions


vscocam-photo-2 (1)


Jianne, on the other hand, complained that her arms were shaking and didn’t show interest. But since it’s her first time, it’s normal to have shaky hands. Let’s hope she will try again next time.

The Left-handed archer
The Left-handed archer




with Coach Sheila, Coach Grace and Coach Emman

We want to go back because I didn’t get to try it haha! Hope to see you and your family too! Drop by Kodanda Archery Range or inquire with Shirley at 09224219658. you can also find them on Facebook, Kodanda Archery Range.

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