This is the third of a series of posts that celebrates our Moms for the month of May. As a mom, I am hoping that we pass on the values taught to us by our own mothers to our children. I am hoping too that the younger generation will embrace these values despite the influences of friends, freedom of expression social media promotes and the world.

Before we even stepped into the big world, it was our mothers who prepared us for life. They were our first teachers. They corrected us when we did wrong and cut off the horns that came out of our heads. They taught us how to respect and live a life that is not self-serving.

Being the eldest and the only girl in our family, much was expected of me. More responsibility was given to me compared to my younger brothers. My mother was a great homemaker. She took her responsibility as a manager of our home seriously. She taught my brother and I household chores and unknowingly, she was also grooming me to become a homemaker. She was the epitome of a homemaker and I had to live up to her standards.

However, she wanted my brothers and I to prioritize our studies. Though both parents never pressured nor bribed my brothers and I to go for medals or awards, I know I did my best. Many times, during PTA meetings, my mother would be surprised to see my name included in the top 10 of the class or that my class adviser would commend me because of my role as class president. I was a good, responsible student 🙂

My Mama taught me household chores. From cleaning the house,washing dishes , washing clothes to ironing. She used to be a hotel housekeeper that’s why she is very particular how I do these chores at home . These things she taught me are now very useful in my life as wife and mom. – Jen

Many times she would complain that I won’t even bother with cooking or help her in the kitchen.  As a teenager, I had no interest because I was focused on my studies and friends. She would often remind me that I need to be a good homemaker because if I don’t, it would be a disservice to my family. Many years later, she again was taken aback because I could cook, I mean really cook! She was not expecting me to follow in her domesticated life but all those years of watching her from afar paid off!

elizabeth (1)

When I became a parent, I also took my role as a mother seriously, sometimes too seriously 🙂 Having even ventured into homeschooling was a heavy responsibility that I willingly placed on my shoulders. Though it was a family decision, the primary task of teaching the kids was put on me. Even if I didn’t have the full support of my mother, I pursued it and finished 6 years with our eldest by God’s grace!

My Mom taught me to be responsible. To take my role seriously and faithfully. It doesn’t matter how I feel but I should remain dependable. -Christine

Aside from my role as a wife, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a small business owner, blogger, and doing some volunteer work, a huge chunk of my time has been devoted to homeschooling our youngest child. My husband and I handle two discipleship groups which we meet regularly for weekly bible study and fellowship. We encourage, pray and edify each member of the group.

At times, thinking of all these responsibilities get to be overwhelming. It drains me to the point of not wanting to do anything any more. However, I’ve learned that whatever job, role or task the Lord has given me, I am to do it well. Whether the Lord has entrusted us with a simple task or huge obligation, we are committed to fulfill that obligation. Whether it be teaching a child a to read, submitting to my husband’s authority, praying for a friend, or even sharing the truth about Christ, I am to do it wholeheartedly.

She taught me that I should make sure to give my future wife better, or at least the same, quality of life she had with her family. -Odie

What if the tasks given to us are so overwhelming? What if we are too weak or inadequate to even complete such a task? The Lord knows what we can and cannot do. In fact, many times, he pushes us out of comfort zone and gives us an opportunity to do things we were cut out for. The Lord is more focused on the character that we need to develop rather than the real task. Sometimes He simply uses to task to teach us obedience, diligence, independence and responsibility.

I always say that being a mom is not always easy but it is indeed a privilege to be appointed by God to be one. If you’re getting tired of all the kids’ bickering, raising a disobedient teenager or even making ends meet, give it all to God. We can only do so much and that’s where you and I allow God to move. He knows our limitations and where our limitations end is where his faithfulness comes in. Maybe the Lord is teaching you to trust him? He is teaching you that he trusts that you WILL be the Mom that he molded you to be. Take heart my friend, it’s all worth it in the end. You can do it all by the grace of God alone.

Are we constantly complaining or whining because we have too much on our plate? Do we easily point fingers or blame others for mistakes? Are we continuously relying on our own strength and wisdom to go through our day without even consulting God?

photo-1449177009399-be6867ef0505Each of us has a moral, social, physical, and even spiritual responsibility not only to ourselves, our family but to others as well. We have our own roles to play daily that affects our family, community and nation.

How do we model responsibility to our children? Do we make it easy for them and are overly protective? What responsibilities do we give them everyday? Do we allow them to make mistakes and not rescue them for every little mishap they encounter? If we are constantly at their beck and call, not challenging them to do better, shielding them from everything, then we are not equipping them but crippling them.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord. Ephesians 6:4

We are to raise them up the way the Lord would raise them up. The Bible says that parents should train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. We teach them to be responsible children, adults and citizens of our nation.



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