If I could incarnate my relationship with writing, I would call him Mr. Write and here is our love story.

I have to confess, Mr. Write has been and will always be my first love. Since the day I discovered him, I was smitten and drawn instantly. His eyes speak volumes. He knows what’s on my mind. He finishes my sentences and knows exactly what I’m going to say.

With him I could be anyone. I can do anything. I could be a shy teenager blushing over a crush. I could be a successful woman in a power suit and fabulous hair living her life to the fullest. Or I could swim with Nemo swimming in the Great Barrier Reef or meditating on God’s perfect creation in the mountains of New Zealand.

Mr. Write never judged me. He accepted me for who I was then.

The relationship was young and passionate. I was afraid my parents would not approve. I tried to fight for Mr. Write but I failed miserably. I left him without saying goodbye.

I started a new life without him. I could feel he was there but I couldn’t bring myself to thinking that the two of us had a future. So I moved on or so I thought. I was building what I thought was a career. Then, our paths crossed again. We had a brief encounter however it had no strong foundation, no spine to support our love for each other.

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We drifted apart and I found a new love. A new season in my life demanded more time and attention. Unknowingly, whilst the normalcy of life, Mr. Write beckons my soul. I found myself embracing him again with tears in my eyes. In my darkest hour, he was ready to take my hand again. He understood my struggles and he allowed me to free myself from the fear and doubt that encompassed my identity. He was able to draw out an introspective spirit in me. The spirit that connected to a higher power, someone who made me love Mr. Write so much. Because it was God who engraved Mr. Write’s name in my heart.

I am grateful that in spite of my indifference, he still stood by me through these years. He never left. I was the one who moved. I was the one who tried to shut him out. Yet he stayed. He waited. He hoped.

By God’s amazing and perfect timing, my relationship with Mr. Write was rekindled. I found a renewed connection with him. It’s an exciting phase because we are getting to know each other again. I’ve learned to appreciate him more and saw that there is more to this relationship than I thought. I needed to a devoted partner this time.

I explored the world and invested in equipping tools I need to work together with him. I also bought our own home where we could nurture this relationship and look ahead to our future.

I stand guilty of not spending “quantity” time with Mr. Write again lately. Instead of building us up I got stuck trying to earn a living. I neglect my present, my here and now, which if God wills, may unfold something better for me and Mr. Write. I know that whatever happens he will be there looking out the window of our home and waiting for my return.

People always say you have to LOVE what you do whether it’s work/skill. If you’re a blogger/writer, how do you nurture your God-given gift? How does your writing love you back?

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The love for writing began early in life however the passion slowly ebbed away by the waves of a so-called profession. But after years of changing diapers and pulling teeth, the reluctant writer emerges to live out the gift bestowed upon her by the gracious Father.

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