Homeschooling this year is different than the previous years. Primarily, because I have a new student. Our youngest, Jianne, just entered Kindergarten this school year. I have no idea how to divide my time between a third-grader and a preschooler. But again, I know that if God calls me to do this seemingly impossible task, He will equip me with patience and creativity. As expected, He never fails to do so. He has been faithful despite my impatience, my disobedience and my laziness. Despite my insecurity, He has blessed me recently with the first fruit of Jianne’s homeschooling journey. In a matter of 6 months of homeschooling, Jianne is able to read independently.

We used the Sing, Spell, Read and Write Reading Curriculum for Kindergarten. The set includes a CD of songs included in the lesson, short vowel sound charts, two activity books for the student, a teacher’s manual and five mini story books.

As many longtime homeschooling families attest to the effectiveness of the said curriculum, I need to find out for myself. The curriculum, as it is so implied in the name, allows the student to sing letter sounds first rather than memorizing the alphabet. The student listens to the songs in the CD, which is included in the curriculum set, and by heart learns the letter sounds. After a week or two of listening to the cd, she doesn’t want to hear it anymore. She would just sing it on her own. There are also other numerous activities included in the curriculum that a parent or teacher can use to reinforce such learning. But because Jianne learns quickly, we skipped some of the activities as she gets bored with the repeated activities. I would download other activities for her to work on when she is not in the mood to work on her Sing-Spell.

She is just so excited to read, that on the first month of schooling, she is so eager to read the mini storybooks included in the set. She would be the one to tell me that would like to do school that day.

Like I said, just last month, Jianne started reading on her own. Both of us were ecstatic. I can’t believe she can actually read. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach my kids. I am grateful that the time I spent with her paid off.  I was doubtful of my own abilities in the beginning to teach my child to read but as God calls me, He equips me. I know I have nothing to do with it, it was all of God’s doing, I was merely an instrument. I realized now that no amount of money can ever pay the opportunity given to me to reap the fruits of our family’s obedience to God’s call to homeschool.

Jianne was so hyped of this achievement that she prayed, “Lord, thank you for allowing me to read. I don’t have to ask Mama and Papa to read me a book anymore. I can do it myself.” But we still need to read to her. In fact, my husband and I still read to his older brother, who is now 8 years old. Not that he needs assistance in reading but he enjoys the time we spend together reading his chapter books. Time spent with your children is never a waste of time.

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