Start to Write with A Line A Day


Writing has been an escape for me as a young girl. Family issues bombarded my young mind then and using a pen and paper, I would jot down my thoughts and questions in my diary. Journaling and creating imaginary families in my notebook, softened the pain of an unhappy family life.

Although, I took a totally different route in college and forgot about that dream to become a writer, the drive to pen stories rekindled when I became a mother. Similarly, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, the genius behind the A Line a Day Journal, recorded her reflections on life and more so on her new role as Mom to her son, Philip.


Any writer would agree that once that writing bug hits, there would be a landslide of words, sentences, paragraphs that ultimately leads to an article, blog post or even a novel! However, there are times when the idea well is dried up and we can’t get any writing done.

The A Line A Day Journal had two opposing effects on a writer like me. One, condensing my musings for the day in one line was difficult during the first few days. Being used to composing an 800-1000 word blog post or filling an entire journal page with reflections, I felt I have to write more. One sentence was not enough, aarggh!

However, as Rica suggested, the one line encourages you to be as direct as possible. Second, no need for impressive words or grammar checks, just write… the highlight of your day, an inspiring message or even a lesson learned. Write them all in one line and yes it can be done.

I got the hang of it after that initial few days and enjoyed the process. My one-liner would include some aha moments, my verse for the day or a quote from the book I am currently reading.  I still write in my daily journal for the meaty and lengthier entries.

I have encouraged the ladies in my discipleship group to start a journal as this practice has helped me in my faith journey. Some are quite hesitant because they are not “writers”. As I reminded them, you don’t have to be a writer to start a journal.

I recommend the A Line A day journal to them simply because it is great writing exercise. The discipline to write consistently one line a day will boost their confidence in finally starting their own faith journal. As the author, blogger and speaker Michael Hyatt says, “The more you write, the better you will get.”


The A Line A day Journal is a 3.5 x 8 inch spring-bound handy journal that you can take anywhere. When you purchase, you’ll be inspired to read monthly Bible verses or quotes from various authors gorgeously written by the young letter artist, Elle Battung.

Writing starts with living. –L.L. Barkat

I love this quote! It makes sense right?! Start living and start writing!

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