It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind. T. S. Elliot

At the start of this year, I asked God’s  approval for two things. First, I wanted wisdom whether to push through with the home business my husband and I started years ago.

Second, if it was time to hang my white coat and wrap a new apron around my waist.

Being in the health profession for 15 years, I had the luxury of time. I was able to homeschool the kids and do God’s work because of the work. I am my boss.

But for years, I knew in my heart that I should be doing something else. So with a new desire and armed with perseverance, I want to launch a new career. I need a career that would allow me to be the hands-on mom I have been for the past 11 years. This time I want a career that would not only add to the family’s growing financial need but also a career that I would be really passionate about.

So starting a home business would be the best for me and my family. My husband and I started decided to put on the entrepreneur caps on.

In college my mother started her own pasty business at home to help augment the family income. She did everything from preparing her pans, to baking, washing and delivering her goods to her clients. She was earning well but her plans changed and eventually so she had to close shop. I’m guessing because of my love for food preparation, exposure to the food business and appreciation for all things homemade, inspired me to start my own.

Three or four years back, I saw two kinds of cream cheese based spread recipes in my father’s recipe book. I loved how the recipe turned out. The following year, I brought some to a family reunion and it was an instant hit.

I would always make the spread as it became a family favorite. One day, I served the spread to friend who came over for a visit. After topping her cracker with the spread, she immediately placed her orders for their upcoming family get together.

My husband and I tweaked the original recipe and made it our own. After that initial batch of orders, more  came in as new friends gave the spreads as gifts for Christmas. We then added a new flavor using smoked fish or Tinapa, which surprisingly became a best-seller.

The idea of making a healthier version of spreads came to mind. I found myself trying out a new fruit jam recipe using our national fruit, mango. Inspired once again from one of my recipe books, I started our fruit jam selection with our favorite green mango. Friends were intrigued so they tried the jam and loved it. This year I added two more flavors to my jam selection, Pineapple Jam and Tomato Jam.

After that serious talk with God one morning, He answered my prayer. He approved my request to continue the business my husband and I started. In fact, right after that, I immediately received orders from a friend via text message. God is good indeed!

Last month, I walked the busy streets of Makati City and had our business registered under the Department of Trade and Industry using the business name “PICKINGS FOOD PRODUCTS”. Settling for a name was tedious. Until the Lord also helped me find a fitting name for our snacks and edibles.  Since the business was approved based on God’s timetable, it was only right the say that this new business was indeed ‘ripe for the picking’.

Jianne's logo creation
Jianne’s logo creation

Orders keep coming on a weekly basis now thanks to my very efficient Marketing Specialist, Peewee, who by the way, has a degree in Business Administration and had his own success in food business way back. God put us together not only to bring up our children but also to work as a team and partner with God in this adventure He has allowed us to take.

Let me share with you Pickings Spreads and Fruit Jams:

For the creamy spreads we have Roasted Bell Pepper, Cheesy Garlic, Tinapa (Smoked Fish) which is our best-seller and a new flavor, Pesto Spread.

Roasted Bell Pepper Spread great with toasted bread, crackers, bread sticks
Roasted Bell Pepper Spread great with toasted bread, crackers, bread sticks

For the healthier option, we have the well-loved Green Mango Jam, Pineapple Jam and surprisingly, Tomato Jam.


Write your name and contact details at the comments section below if you want to try our yummy homemade spreads and jams 🙂

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