Being stretched thin makes you a canvass for God’s glory.

-Ann Voskamp

As I grew in my relationship with the Lord, I realized that we (Jesus and myself) have a lot of work to do regarding my faith and my character. He opens my heart to reveal my unconfessed sin, wrong attitudes, and even wrong thinking. Then, at the opportune time, Jesus will be giving me that gentle tap on the shoulder saying, “It’s time to stretch your spirit and shape up!”

After some time, I will come to an agreement with God and admit that there is a need for me to change. But that doesn’t come easy. It is a struggle to admit mistakes. If not for the grace and mercy of God, I don’t know if could even humble myself before the Lord.

So I agree with God and say, “Yes Lord, I understand I need to change. You are aware that it is humanly impossible for me to change. So, please help me! I need your supernatural power and strength to overcome and complete this challenge.”

Slowly, I make progress. Things like, being more patient with people or holding my tongue to complain. Then, I get excited every time I hit the mark I set for myself that day and thank God that I was able to do that because of His power alone. I celebrate tiny victories with the Lord.

Just when I think I’m doing okay, my spirit gets stretched even more. I’ll lose it. The old way of thinking, talking, and living comes out. So, I end up giving in to sin again or nurturing that attitude that God wants to be undone. I failed myself and I failed God at that moment.

Now, what do I do now?

Do I raise my hands in surrender and cry out to the Lord saying, “I can’t do it! This is so hard”? If I do that Satan, the Father of all lies will take advantage of that moment of weakness. He will poison my mind with thoughts like, “You have the right to shout at that person. Don’t feel bad about it.” “You will never change.” “God does not care for a sinner like you.” 

I have to be alert when this happens because I can easily slip into guilt, self-pity, or worse, self-loathing. In 1 Peter 5:8, it reminds me to, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” After being with the Lord for some time, I know He does not speak that way, nor will he condemn his child.

Get behind me Satan! It’s time to go to God again in prayer. “Lord, I messed up. Forgive me. Will you help me up again?” Instead of giving up on myself and on God, I should just keep on keeping on. I realized the more you want to follow God, the more treacherous is the journey. Satan will continue to deceive and mock the stretching of our spirit, the stretching of our faith.

Instead of giving up on myself and on God, I should just keep on keeping on. It is clear that the more I want to follow God, the more treacherous is my journey. Satan will continue to deceive and mock the stretching of my spirit, the stretching of my faith.

If you’re in the process of following God and hitting bumps on the road, like me, don’t give up. Keep on keeping on. Because Jesus has not given up on you. Remember, the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. (2 Thessalonians 3:3). So, welcome the stretching of your spirit! It’s good for the heart 🙂


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The love for writing began early in life however the passion slowly ebbed away by the waves of a so-called profession. But after years of changing diapers and pulling teeth, the reluctant writer emerges to live out the gift bestowed upon her by the gracious Father.

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