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Why React When You Can P.R.A.Y.?

Your day is going well until the unexpected happens. Your child tests your patience and disobeys. The cashier at the supermarket is taking too slow. A text message from someone irritates you. Your husband’s mistake annoys you. You feel your blood starts to boil and you need to let off some steam. Then, you and …

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The Hands That Rock the Cradle

I have not been “inspired” to write lately. Mainly because I have been carrying this burden for quite a while now that’s eating up my enthusiasm and my passion to blog. It has been partly resolved recently but I still have those moments of anguish over situations I have no control of. Probably, these are the …

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Taming the Tongue

The greatest influence our children would have is us, their parents. We taught them how to talk and guided them as they started to walk. It’s funny when I see kids walk and talk like their parents. It’s like looking at mini versions of Mom and Dad. Not only do we pass on physical traits …