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5 Fitness Workouts with the Husband or Kids


Last year, I started taking fitness seriously and shared  30-minute fitness workouts I do at home. Today I have a guest blogger. Eric from Fit and Me, who will share fun workouts you can do with your husband or kids.  Read on 🙂 Some things are best done in pairs, including workouts. Whether you are stuck […] Read more…

Thirty-Minute Workout at Home for Moms


Mom, can you spare thirty minutes a day for a quick workout at home? You’ll probably say, no. Your reason, just like any other mom is, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time.” Busy is what most Moms are every morning. You and I are always in a rush. As soon as the kids are […] Read more…

Keeping Fit: Vanity or Health?


I am petite 5’1” woman who tips the scales at 110 pounds. The ideal weight for me would be 100-105 pounds. So, I’m five pounds overweight at 110. This number did not bother me at all. I’m fine with the extra 5 pounds. I was secured until a series of events made me think twice. One day I […] Read more…