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Meaningful Connections on Facebook


I’ve considered deactivating my Facebook account for 101 reasons …but I will not bore you with all of them 🙂 While contemplating on this step, I decided to create a temporary account that would manage both my blog and business page on Facebook. I only added three people, my 2 kids and my husband to […] Read more…

An Update on Changing Family Rules


I shared in my previous post that my husband and I decided to change one rule in the house. We changed the kids’ computer/gadget use from weekends only to TWO HOURS, Mondays through Fridays. This Saturday was the first weekend the kids had no digital indulgence. Their obedience was set to the test because Peewee and I were also […] Read more…

Big Brother


My husband and I are blessed to have a boy and a girl. it’s fun to see them grow up. Coby, who just turned 10 last April 5, is becoming more mature in his ways. He is more confident and at times makes decisions for himself. He used to go with us to the supermarket […] Read more…