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Run For Your Life


The last quarter of 2014 was not good for my body. I had too much on my plate: Holiday orders, GLC classes and projects, High school batch reunion preparation, ministry work, homeschool and family life. The busyness took a toll on my back, my lower back to be specific. And of course I was eating […] Read more…

Why We Need Supplements


I am not a believer of food supplements primarily because I really don’t know if it works the way I want it. I’ve tried a food supplement in the past but I only gained weight so I stopped. The only supplement I take is Vitamin E for the skin and Vitamin C to boost my […] Read more…

Keeping Fit: Vanity or Health?


I am petite 5’1” woman who tips the scales at 110 pounds. The ideal weight for me would be 100-105 pounds. So, I’m five pounds overweight at 110. This number did not bother me at all. I’m fine with the extra 5 pounds. I was secured until a series of events made me think twice. One day I […] Read more…