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Homemade Exams


It’s crunch time for this homeschool mama. After celebrating my 41st birthday last Sunday, I’ve been glued to my chair preparing the kids’ first quarter exams.  If you’re not a homeschooler and you’re reading this post, you might ask, do homeschoolers have exams too? Yes, we do have exams, quizzes, and projects too. To the […] Read more…

Reach for the Goal


Today was quite a stressful day for Coby and I. He was asked to review Section One of his Language Arts Lifepac booklet after which he would take a Self Test. After giving him time to go back on the previous lessons, he quickly answered the first test. Unfortunately, upon checking, he did not make […] Read more…

Homeschool Funnies and Quotes


I was laughing so hard recently when I saw a cartoon on homeschooling. The image portrayed the frustrating yet funny part of homes education. So I took some time to search for some homeschooling funnies on the web. Here are some of the things I found:                   […] Read more…