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The Bleeding Woman: A Woman of Faith


What is faith? Can I still have faith when my situation is hopeless? Should I have faith when my relationships are irreparable? Should I believe that all will be well when a prognosis is n not good? Take heart! No matter how deep the pain, irreconcilable your relationships or terminal your health condition, faith is still […] Read more…

Ruth: A Woman of Character


What positive traits would your family, close friends and co-workers say you have? Will they say you’re a kind, compassionate, or loyal? Will they call you a woman of character? For this week, we will look at one of the most envied Bible character by single women…Ruth! Why was she envied? I guess because of […] Read more…

Hannah: A Woman of Commitment


Has someone ever broken a promise to you? How did that make you feel? Angry? Disappointed? You probably felt that person shouldn’t have made that promise at all if if there was no intention of fulfilling that commitment. Have you ever considered the seriousness of the commitments we make in our lives? The promise to stay […] Read more…

Eve: Woman of Influence


Who is the most influential person in your life? Is it your parents? Your former professor? Your boss? Whoever that man/woman is, he/she has impacted your life so much that you have embraced the same values and beliefs he/she has. At the end of the post, I pray that you will be able to reflect on […] Read more…