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Why My Daughter Wants to be on Facebook


“Mama, can I have a Facebook account?” was the question asked by our daughter recently. When I inquired about her sudden interest with this social media platform, she never really answered my question. She added that she wants to share an account with her older brother. That night after dinner, I told my husband about […] Read more…

Passing on Lessons from Mom


I am the eldest and the only girl in a brood of three. Growing up, my mother would always ask me to do something for her. Whether helping her with the chores or running errands for her. I remember riding my bike to a small mini mart near our place because she asked me to buy milkfish for lunch. […] Read more…

Pretty in Pink


I am excited to attend the http://www.Jesus event in church tomorrow. It has been quite a while since a women’s conference has been organized by our local church. The seminar will focus on 3W’s, Women, Wellness and Wholeness. For events like these, we need volunteers and I was asked to assist in the distribution of meals […] Read more…