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Shy Shelly: Mom and Daughter Book Review


At the recent Pursuit Manila gathering, the Moms and soon-to-be-Moms were treated like queens by the team of young women behind Pursuit Manila. I will be writing more about this Mother’s day treat in the coming week. Not only were the Moms given adorable gifts to take home, they also provided books for our kids […] Read more…

Ikaw na ang Maganda: How to be Beautiful Inside and Out (Book Review)


Being beautiful has been an obsession of women all over the world. But I wouldn’t that far, dito lang sa Pilipinas, in fact sa Metro Manila pa nga lang, our eyes are bombarded everyday with “Tips on how to look younger”,  or what shampoo to use to make your hair softer and shinier. Gusto nating mga […] Read more…

2014 Book Fair On a Shoestring Budget Plus Great Homeschool Finds


On the sixth year of my family’s pilgrimage to the Manila International Book Fair, we not only bought quality books and magazines but inexpensive homeschool finds as well. We didn’t want to miss this year’s event so we had to tightly hold on to our wallets and close our eyes on some items. As we […] Read more…