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7 misconceptions about stay at home moms
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7 Worst Misconceptions About Stay-at-Home Moms

There are so many misconceptions about stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs). My mom stayed at home throughout our growing up years. She had periods of employment but she defaults back to the home. But I never heard anyone speak down on her because she stayed at home with us. I became a SAHM when our first child was …

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Reclaimed Space

Being a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom has its perks.  I get to spend more time with the kids and we learn things together.  But I admit that there are times when I want to be by myself doing what I love to do: reading, writing, crocheting and other “me stuff.”  I can do all these in the bedroom …

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It’s My Anniversary

I have started blogging on WordPress two years ago. My goodness! Has it really been two years already? The length of time does not match the number of posts I have made ;-( As much as I want to regularly blog about my so-called life, I just couldn’t find the time…but then again, is it …