Teach your Kids How to Read with Alpabasa Reading Program


Are you struggling to teach your kids how to read? You can now partner with Alpabasa, a play-based reading program designed by a Filipino for the Filipino learner.

There is a surge in the number of new homeschooling families because of the pandemic. The role of teaching now falls on the shoulders of parents. And teaching how to read can be intimidating. But it’s great to know that parents can teach kids how to read with Alpabasa.

What is Alpabasa?

Alpabasa is an 8-step reading program that teaches Filipino. It starts with developing strong listening skills and saying 28 Filipino alphabet sounds through songs. The goal is for the child to read and comprehend Filipino.

The majority of the homeschooling moms I know say that their child struggles in learning Filipino. Some have difficulty reading while others lack comprehension skills. Alpabasa helps navigate the child’s discovery of the Filipino language

Alpabasa reading program
Photo from Alpabasa

The Backstory

Tisha Gonzales-Cruz was a preschool teacher at International School Manila. She encouraged her students to donate old crayons and writing materials to the tribal minority group in Bukidnon. Teacher Tisha saw the lack of learning materials in public schools, especially in the remote areas. Since then, she hooped to see the day where public schools will no longer be lacking in teaching resources.

In 2002, she started a publishing house, which she called Learning Lion Books. She created a library of English learning materials. Two years later, her friends, Rio Manotoc, Joan Abong, and other volunteers supported her advocacy in raising funds to conduct workshops. They also distributed learning materials to different communities and organizations.

Some groups they have supported include Efren Penaflorida’s Kariton Klasrum, GreenEarth Heritage foundation in Sierra Madre, and an indigenous community in Antipolo, Rizal.

Despite the positive feedback of the teachers, Tisha realized that teaching the students how to read in Filipino should be a priority. And so she created Alpabasa, which began as a 31-page book that focused on syllabication. Other friends like Aina Zulueta-Valencia, Teacher Shole, and Teacher Noelle all chipped in to improve Alpabsa Reading Program.

Today, Alpabasa is a complete reading program that includes syllable cards, flashcards, and Alpabasa songs which are original compositions of Lester Delgado. Parents can use the kit and online reading program to teach their kids how to read with Alpabasa. Teacher Tisha also acknowledges the contribution of Teacher Fides, Teacher Daisy, and Gerry Rivas.

Their vision is Every Filipino child, a reader.Learning to read and eventually reading to learn will give them a good start and a chance for a better future. Together, let us build a nation of readers through empowered teachers.

How does Alpabasa work?

ALPABASA is a play-based reading program that teaches Filipino through songs and body movement. The goal is for the child to love the Filipino language through fun learning.

You need to create an account on their website to access all online and reading kits. They offer three subscription options for you: BASIC, PRO, and PREMIUM depending on your need.

The online reading program called ORAS NA PARA SA ALPABASA runs from Monday to Friday, and each day focuses on a specific skill. It is a 28-week reading program that is available for PRO subscribers.

They also have an English reading program called Learning Lion, which is available to PREMIUM subscribers.

On a side note, I met Tisha in September 2019. We were part of Janice Villanueva’s The MompreneurLab. Our first meeting was a ‘show and tell’ of the products we create. When Tisha showed her reading kits, I knew it would help a lot of parents.

Are you still struggling to teach your kids how to read? Check out Alpabasa and help your child read Filipino and English too.