Last Sunday, the teachers and kids of NextGen Ministry of CCF Alabang capped the year with a short program called “Christmas Carol”.  Each grade level sang a Christmas song to the delight of the audience.

Each class wore coordinating colors of green, red and white. As usual, the preschoolers stole the show as they danced, unmindful of choreography taught by their teachers and sang their hearts out on stage. All the kids, from preschool to Grade 6, did their best and my husband and I were proud to see Coby and Jianne perform “Go, Tell it on the Mountain” and “Silent Night” respectively.


As the first-graders got on stage, I saw how the teachers quietly set their students in their proper places. The teachers positioned themselves in front of their students so they can coach the kids while performing. I saw how the young students locked their eyes on teacher. Their movements were spot on because they fixed their eyes on teacher.

The trust that the student gives the teacher is so evident in that scene. Whatever teacher says, the young student takes in as truth. Sometimes the teacher impacts the kids more than their parents.

I also noticed this trust relationship when Coby and his classmates sang and danced in front of the crowd. There they were all “grown up” with deeper voices yet still following their teacher’s movements and watched her closely. They probably felt a bit awkward but they still did it because they listened and followed “teacher”.


As I emotionally poured out in one of my previous posts, Coby will be completing 6th grade this March and we are scouting for conventional schools for him. I believe we are on our final season of homeschooling for our eldest child.

For six years, I have been his primary teacher. I know I have influenced him greatly but not all were something I be proud of. He believed what I taught him for years. He trusted me. And now I am passing the baton of education to a different set of teachers.  I could  no longer commit to teaching him at the higher level. That is why selecting the best school or the kind of teachers we will be entrusting our son to is very crucial.

I am trusting that these new teachers would be as hands on as I was with him. I am hoping too that soon Coby will learn to trust them the way he trusted me as his teacher. Honestly, I am excited and sad at the same time. Excited because he will going on a new adventure, meeting new people and learning more about life through other people’s eyes. He will be making decisions (wise ones I hope) on his own.  What makes me sad is seeing his place at the dinner table empty in most parts of the day.

We have looked at three schools already. We are seriously considering the latest one simply because it’s still homeschooling but done in an unconventional way. I’ll be writing a post on our decision in 2015. So, watch out for that 🙂

As I end this post, I want to say thank you to the NextGen or Sunday school teachers and volunteers who have been part of our kids’ growing up years. These unsung heroes don’t get paid for the work they do in planning, preparing and teaching Bible truths to our kids Sunday after Sunday:

Teacher Margot Gonzales, Coby’s main teacher since Grade 1. She had been with their class for 6 years and I thanked her for sticking with them till the end. She’s very patient, strict yet encouraging to her students. But she is also funny as Coby would always share her funny antics in class.


Teacher Margot’s assistants throughout the years. Her current assistant, Teacher Jeremy shared part of his testimony to the class and has encouraged the class to join the youth ministry soon.

Teacher Maritess and husband Richard Fabunan for making my kids feel special all the time. For being fair to them, giving them the understanding they need and for giving our other child, Jianne, the opportunity to sing for the Lord in the Awana Club. This husband and wife team worked together to help the kids and their parents the best way they know how. They were willing to extend their hand anytime and to anyone. Teacher Richard was the one who talked to Coby one Sunday when he flared up in class. He did not scold him but talked to him calmly until he had settled down. My husband and I appreciated that so much.

Teacher Hazel, Teacher Aloha and Teacher Rita. These three teachers just love Jianne. They are very supportive of Jianne’s achievements and continue to encourage her to be the best. Even if they are no longer her teachers, Jianne still goes to them for hugs and kisses. Jianne admits that she misses her teachers too.

Teacher Carlo and Teacher Anj. I salute this young tandem of teachers. They are strict but in a good way and are very protective of their students. They are patient and kind as well.

To the NextGen Ministry of CCF Alabang, may God continue to give you the patience and passion to lead kids to Christ and to bring honor to his name. God job!

As we celebrate the birth of our savior and Lord Jesus Christ, may we not be fixed on the idea of Jesus as a baby. Jesus grew up after being born in a manger. Instead, let’s fix our eyes on the risen Christ who defeated death and now sits on the throne with God our Father. Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

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