Benefits of Family Road Trips


When was the last time you went on a road trip with your family? What do you remember most about that trip? Was the trip memorable or was it disastrous?

The first road trip we had as a family was hiking trip in Batangas. It was also the first time we took our small car to the steepest roads in the town of Mabini.

Road trips with the family can either be expensive or practical. It may also be unforgettable or not worth remembering.

During our recent trip to Nasugbu, Batangas our family had the grandest time. No, we didn’t check in at a plush resort hotel but we made do with the budget that we have. Let me give you a background of the trip…

Road trip budget

While searching for the next family road trip, my husband and I thought of splurging since we haven’t been to the beach for such a long time.  We also had a good amount of budget to spend. Our initial thought was “Let’s just do it, minsan lang ‘to.” So we Googled beach resorts in Zambales or Bataan to spend 3 days and 2 nights.

family road trips

After days of searching, most of the resorts were already booked and some were way over the budget. We were tempted to give in to the call of those high-end resorts. Until my husband and I had an aha moment with the Lord.

We were reminded that God surely wants us to spend time with the family. However, He would not be pleased if we use the money any way we wish on this vacation. If we do that, we would not be good stewards of his financial provision. Just because we have the money to spend does not give us the right to splurge or overspend. 

With repentant hearts, we changed our search to ‘affordable beaches in Batangas’. After a while, we found an inexpensive and simple resort in Nasugbu and reserved the following day for an overnight stay only.

What did we enjoy the most?

Our senses were satisfied. From the irresistible sound of birds stirring along the mountainside to the crashing of the waves. Those scenic views of the plains, the shoreline, and the sunset were as a feast to the eyes. The kids even saw an eagle fly over them while they were swimming. The smell of the greenery while driving, the salty air of the beach, and that tempting aroma of barbecue all added to the beach vibe. The feel of the sand on our feet and the cool waters of the sea relaxed our tired bodies.

family road trips

We discovered new things about ourselves. It was heartwarming to see how the kids related to each other. Our cautious son let down his guard and braved the huge waves. He swam to his delight and even dared to go to the deep part of the sea.

Jianne, on the other hand, was reluctant to go in the water. But her elder brother held her hand and assured her that she was safe. They also spent time together taking pictures and collecting shells. This trip also proved that our son is a certified sisig’ addict while our daughter was a huge ‘bulalo’ fan! They claim they can both eat those two dishes the whole day!

family road trips

family road trips My husband and I also got to talk about things that we sometimes don’t like about each other. We were able to come up with a compromise that will work for the both of us. Thank God for that. After 15 years of marriage, we still need a lot to work on. Honest conversations help us understand each other better.

family road trips

Everyone was on board. There was no cell signal at the resort. Yes, it was good for us. The four of us had a day to spend together without interruption. We swam, ate together, had naps, and just talked to each other.

Going home

We went home on a Sunday and it was indeed a day to praise the Lord. The view coming home was just spectacular because we took a different route. Even motorcycle riders were stopping on the side of the road to take photos and simply enjoy the view of God’s creation.

As we settled back home, my heart was overcome with emotion. To most of you, traveling with your family is probably a regular thing. But for a simple family like ours, having to spend time together on the road was just something to be grateful for. We owe the trip to our God who provided everything we needed, from the budget to the very good weather. Here’s to more road trips with the family!

How about you? What do you like most about traveling with your family? 

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