Our eldest child took the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) last week. It was a 2-day exam for ninth graders to help determine their career path. At 14, Jacob has set in his heart and mind to work in the automotive industry. His fascination for cars started as a toddler and up to this day, it’s all about cars for him.

His Papa is a car enthusiast. He worked at prestigious car companies early in his adult life but shifted careers a few years after. That is probably why our son breathes and lives cars. He takes after his father.

Now that he is close to choosing a course in college, his Papa and I have been helping him choose a path for him. Since CARS if life for him, he can either get a degree in Industrial Technology majoring in Automotive Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. He can also take up Industrial Design if designing cars would suit him.

So after taking the NCAE we asked what was the most difficult subject to answer and he said, it was Math! My husband and I looked at each other. Personally, I got worried. He is not a genius in Math, just an average student. If he is going to take up Engineering, the majority of his subjects are Math. I asked myself, “Can he take all those years of Math?” Will he not give up and say, “I don’t want this anymore!”

We don’t want him to get frustrated and end up shifting to another course… Just like what my husband and I did when we were in college. (My husband was an Industrial Design student who shifted to Business Administration. While I was on a path to Philosophy then changed to Dentistry.) Both of us shifted courses.

I panicked. So I looked back at our homeschooling years and recalled the input of his current teachers. He has a knack for creative writing and is an excellent builder/creator. Using only his Lego and K’nex blocks, he can create anything … still, car related though. History excites him and he shows interest in cooking as well.

My mind was already imagining what he would be doing if he will not pursue a career in the automotive industry. Wait a minute! Who says he will not pursue his dream? Why am I overthinking again? Am I discouraging him to pursue what he wants? Are we going ahead of God?

If you ask any teenager about their interests, they would either enumerate a wide array of interests or just stare at you blankly. However, when you ask our son, he is only focused on one thing: CARS.

He shared with me a time when his discipler asked him about his interests. He readily replied, “cars”. When his discipler prodded further on other things he dabbled in, there was none. To which his discipler jokingly asked, “It can’t be about cars only, right?”

Though it is very good that he set his mind to what he wants to do in the future. We gently reminded and encouraged him to be open to other things too. He should also consider his other strengths. He can be a great writer/author, professor, chef, animator, or designer if he allows himself to explore. We don’t want him to limit himself.

He still has a few more years to decide which course to take. At 14, he does not know any better. My husband and I and his teachers at Brainy Bunch Study Center (BBSC) are there to help discover his potential. All he has to do is to be open to new experiences.

My child, listen when your father corrects you.
    Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.
What you learn from them will crown you with grace
    and be a chain of honor around your neck. Proverbs 1:8-9

Incidentally, last week BBSC had a program to celebrate “Buwan ng Wika.” My husband and I were shocked to see our son perform twice. First, he and the other high school boys sang this 90’s OPM hit, Harana. It was so cool! Second, he danced! Yes, he danced and with a partner. These were all new to us. We couldn’t be more proud. We felt that he too was proud of his achievement. Another milestone for this super shy boy.

My husband and I will certainly support whatever path he chooses to take in the future. Whether be it a career in the automotive industry or something totally different, we will back him up. What we are thankful for is his attitude towards his studies and work. He is focused and determined. We can also see that nothing can deter him from achieving what he wants for his future. May the Lord grant him wisdom. perseverance, and patience as he pursues his goal in life.

Have you asked your kids about their career path? How have you encouraged your teenagers to plan and think about their future?

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