When Coby Becomes President of the Philippines


After learning about the Philippine government and it’s role, a significant change has happened to Coby. One of the things I noticed was how keen he was on following the rules of the land. After paying for an item at the toy store, he asked me if we already paid the taxes for the toy. I told him that yes, we did because the price already included taxes. He would be very conscious about paying the right taxes, people’s rights, following rules and not following rules.

One day, while we were walking home quietly, a motorcycle suddenly came out of nowhere and almost hit us. The incident made Coby really angry and blurted out, “Mama, when I become the president of the Philippines, motorcycles are illegal!’ He said it with much conviction.

He still has a lot more “laws” to make when he becomes the president of the Philippines and here are some of his ideas:

  • Motorcycles are not allowed to drive on the sidewalks. 
  • Dog-eating is illegal. 
  • Making animal skin products is illegal. 
  • Motorcycles are not allowed to go fast inside villages only on highways. 
  • Making “siga” is very illegal but you won’t be arrested. 
  • Smoking in apartments are not allowed anymore. 
  • Selling fake DVDs, video games and PC games are illegal. 
  • Toxic items are not allowed like China-made toys. 
  • Littering in important places are illegal like the house of Jose Rizal and other historical places
  • Plenty of recycling factories should be opened.
  • Recycle materials to useful furniture and toys.
  • There should be guards in places were people can use spray paint and vandalize.
  • Poor people including the homeless should not pay for their hospital bills. The government will pay for it using the money that they don’t need. 
  • Kids should know more about outer space and astronomy so we should open our own space station. There should be schools where kids can sign up and learn about space called SASC or Space Astronomy Studying Center. 
  • People cannot use shark’s fin for soup.
  • There will be new Sea Patrols working day and night to see if anyone has drowned.
  • Sea Patrol units guarding the oceans should help other people from other countries who need help. 
These were just some of his ideas. I don’t what else he will come up with… 🙂