When I Grow Up I Want to Be


When I grow up I want to be a cashier at the supermarket.

I loved going to supermarkets as a child, not only for the grocery cart rides. But because the work of cashiers fascinated me. That is why when I grow up I want to be a cashier. Unfortunately, this cashier’s job did not come to pass, and I became a dentist instead.

Fast forward to when this post was originally written, I am no longer in the health profession. But I am currently working on two of my dream jobs on this list.

When I grow up I want to be a…

Novelist/Scriptwriter/Director. I had a very imaginative mind as a girl.  The stories I created in my head followed the Sweet Dreams plot to the T. The Bachelor of Arts course I started with would lead me to a career related to writing. But I got frustrated with one subject so I followed my mother’s advice and took up Dentistry instead.

Update: I reignited my love for writing in the past years but haven’t written a novel yet. However, a non-fiction book is in the works so wait for that.

Restaurateur/Chef/Baker. Have you ever played with clay pots as a child? Oh, my goodness. These were my favorite playthings. My friends and I would play pretend restaurants at home.

Many years later, I got married and moved out of my parents’ house, and I no longer pretended to cook. I had to plan and cook meals for the family. All those years of watching my mother cook paid off. I continued to read cookbooks and watch cooking shows to learn.

Update: My family started a small food business and we are looking forward to making it big someday.

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Singer. Music is an integral part of my growing-up years. My parents bought buy vinyl albums and always play them on weekends. I learned to appreciate varied music genres because of their influence. As a teenager, I would buy cassette tapes of my favorite artists. I’d lock myself in my room and sing the day away. My younger brothers played the guitar and joined a band too. I love to sing but am too shy to sing on stage. In high school, I joined singing groups too.

Update: I accepted the fact that I will not be a professional singer or performer. My singing is now for a private audience only. But our daughter is into music too. She knows how to play the guitar, ukelele, and kalimba. Will she have a career in the music industry? We don’t know. But we will support her.

Radio DJ. I thought of becoming a radio DJ when I was in college. Mike, my college best friend, asked me to accompany him to one radio station to claim his prize.

It was an unforgettable trip. Mike and I got to meet the people at the station. Later, we became friends with some DJs and station PAs. We would receive free tickets to events, shows, and concerts. Being a disc jockey seemed fun. Not only do they get to play music for hours a day, but they also get to do it in the privacy of the booth.

Update: I am considering using another platform to share my content. Nothing definite yet, but it is something that I need to pray about.

Motivational Speaker. Well, this is more of an adult ‘when I grow up I want to be’ thing. I still have a lot to learn, but one thing that I am truly passionate about is encouraging people. I use my writing to do that and pray that I get to touch just one life.

I don’t have the answers to everything, but I can point people to God who has them. My life is not perfect either, but I am a strong believer in sharing your story because it helps us heal. No one is exempt from heartbreaks, frustrations, and disappointments in life. But when we talk about it, someone who might be in the same predicament may find encouragement and hope.

Update: Last year, I shared my entrepreneurship journey to a group of women. It was nervewracking and fun at the same time. Will I be doing more of this? I don’t like. Enormous crowds still overwhelm me.

As I review this list, I realized what I do relates to most of the things I want to be when I grow up. The Lord is gracious like that. I may not have those titles now, but some semblance is good enough.