He is different. He is not the athletic boy who would be shooting hoops in the backyard. He does not like sports. He would rather ride his bike “leisurely”, as what he describes his biking, around the neighborhood discovering insects, grime or what have you.

He loves to explore around the house. Sometimes I would catch him in the bathroom just observing whatever items he sees there. He would do experiments on his own and I would just allow him to discover new concepts.

Wile homeschooling, he would not sit still unless it’s History or Science. Every time I ask him to read his lesson he would always echo it back to me. There are times I would be eager to hear him talk but other times I would just pretend to be listening because I’m busy doing something else. But he knows that I’m preoccupied with other things and that I’m not giving him the attention he needs. He would call my attention and the busted mom would then try to make lame excuses. If I just let him talk, oh boy, I don’t think half a day is enough! He would be babbling endlessly about whatever lesson we have that day. It’s obvious he enjoys Science a lot but I have to cut him so that we can finish other subjects as well. Once I told him he could be a news reporter some day and he excitedly agreed. Public speaking is not an issue for this boy

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