Last Wednesday, March 13, my husband and I finally completed Level 2 of our Global Leadership Center Courses in church! All the late night walking from my father’s house to our home paid off. You see, our class was scheduled Wednesday nights from 7 to about 9:30 PM. Before heading to class, we leave our kids at my father’s house which is just a few minutes away from our home. There were times when my husband had to carry our youngest daughter all the way home because she already fall asleep waiting. But we would still be happily walking home 🙂

The Level 2 course includes CCF DNA, Family Life, Personal Discipleship, Making Disciples 1, Basic Doctrines and Bible Survey. CCF DNA focused on the church’s building  block, it’s mission and vision of the church. Here, I was encouraged to have my own mission and vision in life and how I could align these with that of the church.

Family Life is all about, well, family life! We learned about the different roles in the family and how not knowing or not doing our God-assigned roles could lead to conflict in family relationships. This class had a huge impact on my husband and he realized that his leadership is vital in our family.

Bible Survey was a short course on the entire 66 books of the bible. I have read most of the Old Testament books in the past but after attending just one class of Bible Survey, I was urged to read it all over again. This time, I have a much deeper appreciation of the books. I am looking forward to reading all the 66 books this year 🙂

I surely learned so much this year. Had I known it would be not that difficult I would have enrolled earlier. Next year, I will take the next course, Level 3 as this will further equip me not only in my Christian walk but also as I begin to handle my own discipleship group in church…only by the grace of our Lord.

As a requirement, we were supposed to complete one project per class. Our last project was a testimony on how the entire course impacted our life. Allow me to share the project I submitted in class.

Ever since the GLC courses were offered in Alabang, I really wanted to enroll. But when I found out that I needed to complete my Level 1, I backed out. Because it means I had to complete the Evangelism class which my husband and I deliberately did not take. I was not keen on taking the course because it means have to share my faith which was not in my agenda at all. I thought it was something I can do without, somewhat like an elective in college or so I thought.

Two years ago my bible teacher shared with me that she was enrolled in the GLC level 2 courses. I was surprised because she is the teaching leader in the women’s bible study I attend to and she has been a believer for a long time, how come she still took the Level 2 courses. Nevertheless, I was challenged and encouraged to just enroll. I prayed about it first because I want to take it together with my husband. I was decided to enroll even if my husband would not but lo and behold, he agreed to take the course with me.

All the courses changed the way I see myself, my life, God and his purpose for me. I learned so much from CCF DNA to Family Life and yes, even to Personal Evangelism.

I remember the time when I was so prepared to complete a project for the class. I planned to share the gospel to my sister in law who we planned to visit that weekend. I had my notes ready, reviewed bible verses and prayed. Though it was not my first time to share the gospel, (it was my second—joke) but it was the first time I knew I was prepared and armed with God-confidence. Unfortunately, I was unable to share with her. She was out the whole day and came home late in the evening that it was time for us to head home. I was so sad and worried because I don’t know what to submit in class.

At the start of the week, I was prayed that God would impress in my heart whom to share the gospel to. The name of a close friend came to mind and I asked if she was available that afternoon for coffee. To my surprise again, she was available! I know she was too busy with work and her business but God allowed for us to meet that afternoon. This time I was not armed with my notes, all I had was the word of God. After sharing the gospel with her, she expressed her desire to accept Jesus in her life and I led her in a simple prayer. After our conversation, she asked me why I chose to meet her because she was so down the past few days and felt really depressed. She thanked me for taking time to talk to her. I told her to thank God for giving us the opportunity.

Right now, I am facilitating a bible study group with a few friends. I have yet to take the task seriously and make them into my very first D-group as per encouragement of my discipler. I took to heart Matthew 28:19-20, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

I did not imagine that the class which I dreaded to take in the past will have a huge impact in my life and would compel me to disciple others through the enabling of the Spirit. I was not only saved to be united with Christ but I was saved to lead others to Christ as well. To God be all Glory!


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