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10 bible verses to counter anxiety

10 Bible Verses to Counter Anxiety

The alarming number of confirmed cases of CoVID19 in the entire world increases our anxiety level. We ask God, “Lord, when will this end?” As followers of Christ, we are not exempt from having panic attacks. Fear has a paralyzing effect, and giving in to panic can weaken us. Here are 10 Bible verse to …


My MomPreneurLab Mentorship

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could. Zig Ziglar I recall expressing to my husband a desire to have a mentor. The thought came because I was looking at how to grow our small business. What I have are concepts that I can turn into …

space to breathe

Self Care for Moms: Space to Breathe

Create space for your soul to breathe. – Emily P. Freeman On Thursday night, I finished reading all 246 pages of Emily P Freeman’s book, The Next Right Thing. No, this is not a book review. Although I might do one too. But Emily’s words taught me to create space for my soul to breathe.  …

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Life Begins at 40

I feared turning 40 because it meant getting old. But today, I don’t feel old at all unless I am talking with our teenagers. I am in a new season of life with a new energy to pursue things with purpose and deep intentions. God is writing a fresh chapter with setbacks and aha moments. The …

watch god work
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Watch God Work

When was the last time you watched God work in your life? My husband fell ill on my birthday. I didn’t think much of it because I am used to him being lethargic on weekends when he had a stressful week at work. But when his fever progressed and his headaches persisted, we decided to …

reasons to start journal writing

5 Reasons to Start Journal Writing Now

Journal writing marked my teenage years. My journal became a silent supporter and confidante. It never questioned my words nor my thoughts. Journal writing did a lot to my young soul. In college, I put this practice on hold because I was busy in school. When I committed my life to Christ many years later, …

sleeping habits to a healthier mom
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7 Healthy Sleeping Habits for Moms

Motherhood has overtaken our lives and even our sleep. Our sleeping patterns changed as soon as our kids were born. And we have developed bad sleeping habits. Whether you are caring for a newborn or raising teenagers, here are seven healthy sleeping habits for moms that we can start doing now. Habit #1 Turn off …

support small businesses
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5 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

As a small business owner, I know how important it to keep the business afloat. Creative products and innovative ideas are necessary, but without support, the small business may be difficult to maintain. Let me share with you five reasons why you should support small businesses. First, the stats According to the The Philippine Statistics …

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North to South with Love

On Father’s Day, my husband decided to visit his mom who lives in Quezon City. He is not a spontaneous kind of guy, so this suggestion was a welcome surprise. Since it was his day, we were all on board. I lived my whole life in the South of the Metro but I have a …

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Failure is not Final

Failure is a word we all avoid at all costs. We do everything in our power to succeed in life. Yet we are our greatest critic. When we fail, we think it’s the end of it and that we have lost our chance. But our failure is not final. There is still life after a …