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We are Makers: Makerspace Manila opens in Sta Rosa Laguna


As parents to a very technical/design-driven 13-year-old young man, my husband and I want to nurture his gift of designing, creating and building projects on his own. We want to find a place where his gift can be further enhanced.  He, who grew up with Lego and Knex, needs to go to the next level in […] Read more…

First Year Out of Homeschool Completed


After one school year, our eldest child, Jacob, completed seventh grade in a transition school. He was homeschooled for six years together with his younger sister. Too many times I wanted to give up on home education for varied reasons.  Ask any homeschooler and they will all say, it’s not an easy journey but it was […] Read more…

Dear Writer…What Did You Say?


I can still remember the advice of my author-friend years ago, “If you want to be a good writer who have to be a good reader. You have to love reading.” And I do. It started with the Nancy Drew detective stories penned by Carolyn Keene to lengthy novels and straightforward non-fiction books. The simplicity […] Read more…

I Love My Job, My KidZania Job!


Most homeschoolers along with other groups, were blessed to be given a preview of this newly opened play city in Taguig called KidZania. This is strategically located at the Park Triangle in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, where Lego Manila is also housed. It’s right across the International Schools and Market Market. My husband who works at […] Read more…

It’s All Worth It After All


On Monday, our eldest child, our first homeschooler, opened the door (literally and figuratively) to a new school set up. He is still homeschooled but three times a week he will be learning majority of his lessons in a study center. I, on the other hand, will be teaching him English and computer at home. […] Read more…

Shy Shelly: Mom and Daughter Book Review


At the recent Pursuit Manila gathering, the Moms and soon-to-be-Moms were treated like queens by the team of young women behind Pursuit Manila. I will be writing more about this Mother’s day treat in the coming week. Not only were the Moms given adorable gifts to take home, they also provided books for our kids […] Read more…

And That’s a Wrap: Homeschool Graduation


Today, our family’s first homeschooler, Coby, goes up the stage to receive his grade school diploma. The road we dared to walk on six years ago started out of curiosity.  The decision to homeschool was easy but the determination to complete was close to impossible.  Too many times I gave up. And it was during […] Read more…

When God Says Stop

Coby's "Earthquake Scene" for Science. Notice the police car and the ambulance :)

Have you ever experienced something like this: You are about to do or say something then you feel this strong urge to just stop?  You don’t know what it is or who is it that’s preventing you from taking the next step.  Some say it’s your conscience, a “higher power” or for the believers, it’s […] Read more…

Remembering the Young Pepe


A week before the last holiday of December, I planned to revisit both the Rizal Shrine in Laguna and the Aguinaldo Shrine in Cavite. I wanted my family to be present during the celebration of Jose Rizal’s 118th martyrdom. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our visit to Cavite because of the heavy traffic and spent […] Read more…

Help, I Have a Teenager at Home! Part 2


So, the Raising Up Responsible Teenagers Parenting Seminar by Pastor Clem Guillermo concluded last Saturday, January 31. Since this was a project of me and my husband, we were not able to sit through the entire talk. Despite being occupied with administrative duties that morning, I was able to get as much learning as I […] Read more…

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