I first heard about homeschooling back in 2007 in a Women’s Bible Study group. Two moms shared their homeschool experiences.¬†I was so intrigued. So right after the meeting, I had to ask one of the moms more about homeschooling.

She briefly shared her story and suggested that I attend a homeschool orientation. As soon as I got home, I searched the internet about this “new” thing. I read blog posts mostly from¬†homeschooling moms based in the United States. As I was doing this, I was looking at our 5-year-old son at that time and our new baby. I was asking myself, “Can I do this?”

When my husband came home that afternoon, I shared with him the new thing I learned that day. Since he was still an educator at that time, I initially thought he would not approve of homeschooling. But I was wrong. Since he could not take a leave from work, he encouraged me to attend the orientation.

I was enlightened and inspired to pursue homeschooling after attending the orientation. Again, when I met my husband, I showed him all the hand outs, the statistics, and other things. My husband was convinced. We prayed about it and considered it. Nine years later, here we are.

Our eldest child just completed 8th grade this April. Though he is still enrolled under our homeschool provider, I no longer teach him at home. He is part of Brainy Bunch Study Center, a tutorial and homeschool help provider in our area. We only get to do computer and music lessons at home. He loves his new set up we started two years ago.

Jianne, who was our baby then, is now on her way to fifth grade! Can you believe how time files? I am still hands on with her schooling and she is enjoying herself.

Our decision to homeschool our children came after many prayers. What also helped us made that decision was processing the information we gained through research, reading articles, and attending a homeschool orientation.

If you are curious about homeschooling, started the journey, or considering this for your child, i urge you to educate yourself. Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal is organizing a Homeschool 101 Parent Orientation in Antipolo on May 18, Thursday. Check out details in the poster below. This is open to all!

homeschool 101


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