Green is my favorite color. And so going green has been the mission of my family probably since 2010.  We started practicing the 3R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle ever since Coby learned about in our Science lesson. He was so engrossed about the idea that he started collecting used boxes and use them as toys. He would create new toys out of old cereal boxes, plastic jars and even egg crates. Jianne, who copies whatever Coby does, got into the recycling thing. She would also create recycled projects on her own. Periodically, we would also gather clothes and shoes we don’t use anymore and give it other people whom we think need them more. But if we are not giving them away, we set up a garage sale at my father’s house. 

Aside from practicing the 3R’s I have been exposed to using organic products. I came across Human Nature beauty products one day as I was checking my Facebook account. I found out that Human Nature products are proudly Philippine-made. Their products are sourced from our own land and in turn the company helps the farmers in the different provinces in the country. Not only are the products proudly Pinoy but they are natural and organic products too. They don’t add chemicals to their products so the consumers are less  exposed or not exposed at all to harmful chemicals and of course, help preserve the environment as well. 

After using just one product, the Human Nature Balancing Face Toner particularly the Elemi and Orange variant, I was hooked. First thing I noticed about the product is that when I applied it to my face, I did not feel any stinging or noticed any redness. It did not cool my face because it has no alcohol. My face felt really fresh, clean and bright!

I was convinced after the first cotton ball touched my very sensitive face. I started purchasing other products as well. I tried their Kids’ Shampoo which my kids loved so much and they use it also as a body wash. Recently I got hold of the dishwashing liquid and the laundry detergent. Never did I realize how important it is really to READ THE LABEL of any product I buy not only for myself but for my family as well. I did not know I was already harming them unconsciously because of the ingredients that are being used. I am thankful to Human Nature for letting me see the importance of reading the labels. Now I know grocery shopping would take a much longer time. 

There is also the business side to it 🙂 Once you decide to become a member or a dealer, you get a huge discount from 15% to 25% depending on your purchases, which I know can go higher. You can use the products personally or sell them. In fact, I know of a dealer who almost gets her products for free because of the discounts she gets… but then again, she works hard as well to encourage others to use the products. 

Human Nature has from body care, skin care, products for kids and babies, home care and yes even for dogs! They recently launced their Dog Shampoo which I have yet to try for my father’s labrador 🙂

I am not paid by anyone from Human Nature to write this blog but I am just so happy to be not only a user of almost all their products but a member too. Being a member entitles me to a 15% discount on all my purchases, huge savings! 

Do check out their website to view all their products. 

Human Nature from head to toe, Shampoo and conditioner, facial wash, cleansing soap and feminine wash…100% al natural products!
I just love the lotion, not only does it smell good but it’s light on the skin even during the summer months

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