There were no flowers nor special treat on Mother’s day for this Mama of two. My husband asked me how I want to spend the day. Being the geek in the family, I chose to visit the Aguinaldo Shrine in Cavite.

As a homeschooling family, we plan trips that will enhance the learning of the kids and mine as well. Jacob, our eldest child, is a history buff too. That is why we both appreciate museum tours.

Historical Shrine

The Aguinaldo Shrine is located along Kaingin, Kawit, Cavite. It sits on a sprawling area overlooking a river. According to the tour guides, the house was renovated in the 1920’s to include that famous balcony, where Philippine independence was declared. After the renovation, the ancestral home’s floor area was about 1300 square meters.

Old trees and concrete garden seats and benches glamorized the sprawling yard. There was a wishing well which I think was an old water reservoir. Also, the tomb of General Emilio Aguinaldo also lies in the backyard. There is also a souvenir shop at the far end of the yard toward the exit.

aguinaldo shrine aguinaldo shrine aguinaldo shrine

The ground floor houses the air-conditioned museum. the museum. Visitors can find personal belongings of the former president housed in glass cases. A timeline can also be seen as to how the revolution started. A mural depicting the inauguration filled one side of the ground floor.

aguinaldo shrine

The second floor’s interior is amazing. The intricate details on the furniture say a lot about the former President’s taste in decor. Even the wood carvings on the ceiling caught my eye. The tour guide said that that ceiling artworks were requested by Aguinaldo to symbolize the state of the country during that time.

I couldn’t help but compare Jose Rizal’s home in Laguna. I already thought Rizal’s home was huge but Aguinaldo’s was enormous! It had an open floor plan where the great room and dining room met. The doors to the historical balcony could be seen in the great room but was closed to the public.

Aguinaldo had three daughters and two sons. Along the long hallway are the rooms of his daughters. Across the rooms was a separate bath and shower area that had a tub! A majestic balcony called the Balcony of Sinners await you at the end of the hallway. This was where generals plot against their enemies and suitors came to woo Aguinaldo’s daughters. This balcony opens to the yard and overlooks the river. That was my favorite part of the house.

There were many levels to the house and not all were for public viewing. The kids enjoyed the layout which had hidden passageways and underground tunnels.

aguinaldo shrine
It’s a refrigerator
aguinaldo shrine
A secret tunnel under that kitchen table

The Aguinaldo Shrine is open to the public Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 AM to 4 PM. You may call their office at Telefax: (046) 484-7643.

What seems to be guarding the shrine was a statue of the young general riding a horse. This statue is located at the center of the town plaza.

aguinaldo shrine

We ended the right about lunch time. We found a Tapsihan across the shrine. The kids enjoyed their fist tapsilog experience in Kawit.


I don’t really need flowers on that day of honoring moms. This Mama only wanted to spend Mother’s day with the most important people in her life … and we did.


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