Scrabble Babble


I just love board games! When I was younger, I enjoyed playing Millionaires, Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo and even dominoes! My favorite was Scrabble. I have vivid memories of me playing with my aunt and cousins during our summer vacations at my Grandfather’s house.

When hubby and I went to the bookstore the other day, I was face to face with my old-time-favorite word game again. Though it’s not called Scrabble but Word for Word, it’s exactly the same, really. Though what we had before was made of cardboard with plastic tiles, this one is made of wood with wooden tiles too. Kindda like a chessboard.

Of course, our kids were excited to play with it as soon as we brought it home. Told them we can play after dinner and chores. Soon after we were slumped on the floor turning over the letter tiles. I briefed them about how to play the game and both kids were all set.

It was a bit of challenge for Jianne, because she was putting her words anywhere she wants. I told her it’s like a crossword puzzle and the words are connected to each other. Coby was able to exercise his words and he was the tasked to compute the scores. I realized that Scrabble or Word for Word, is a great tool for kids. Not only do they learn to put words together but their multiplication and addition skills are put to test.

In the end, Coby had the highest score, while Jianne was second place and Mama was last 😛 Can’t wait to do a rematch!64241_10151349690414481_1574527627_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA