Inspired to Read


I had just finished reading a book by Barbara Hughes, “Disciplines of a Godly Woman”. What a great way to start the year! The book was given to me as a Christmas gift by a sister in the faith and I kept thanking her after just reading the first chapter. 

Barbara Hughes is married to a pastor, Kent Hughes, who also written a book called Disciplines of a Godly Man. They have been serving the Lord for many years now in the United States and I am just fascinated at how Barbara outlined the different disciples, we, Gospel women (that’s what she calls women who follow Christ) should act or behave or live our lives according to the different roles the Lord has assigned to us. 

Barbara has included a lot of bonuses in her book which I find very helpful too. One of which is what I wanted to share in this blog. I have italicized my personal comments. 

What I do With the Hard Times of my Life by Barbara Hughes

(taken from Disciplines of a Godly Woman)

1. Immerse myself in the Word of God. 2 Peter 1:3 . Meditiating and chewing on the word of God is the primary discipline any believer should exercise. 

2. Realize:

a. He is in sovereign control of all that concerns me, His child. Everything is sifted through His fingers first. (Don’t you love that? He doesn’t give us anything He knows we can’t handle!)

b. God has given each of us our own race to run. We are to keep our eyes fixed on him and stay in our lane, not comparing our lives or the life of someone we love to the lives of others. (Hit me right in the face!)

c. God does not give us grace for someone else’s race. 

d. God does not ask us to understand His ways, but He asks us to trust Him implicitly. He sees the whole, eternal picture. 

e. My lack of faith does not nullify His faithfulness Romans 3:3. (He remains faithful despite my unfaithfulness)

f. I am not the point— He is. It is not about me getting out of suffocating pain; it is about His Son being revealed in me, about God’s image being released in me. (Wow! It’s really not about me!)

3. Yield to the instrument of refinement He has chosen in my life. God cannot fulfill His purpose in me when I am kicking and screaming. 

4. Confess that I don’t know how to yield, that I am helpless and angry. God is big enough to take it. 

5. Confirm that I am willing to be taught in the midst of this pain and difficulty. (Teach me your ways, Lord my God)

6. Ask in the disappointment, loss, isolation, and pain that the Holy Spirit will teach me through the Word to trust God and understand who God is in all His mercy and love. 

7. Seek to walk in obedience through the storm and not waste my energy fretting. (Don’t you fret little one)

8. Know that the secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances. 

9. Remain hopeful that through all of life’s changes, we are secure in the knowledge that we will see His face and be fully satisfied. 

10. Press on to take hold of that for which Christ took hold of us. Philippians 3:12, Acts 20:24

Because of this book, I am inspired to read more as Barbara suggested in Chapter 6 on Discipline of Mind.  As of writing, I’ll be on my way to my favorite Christian bookstore and check out the books Barbara included in her reading list. 

I am not paid by Barbara to promote her book, I don’t even know her 🙂 but I suggest you get a copy of it. The men’s counterpart writtten by her pastor-husband Kent Hughes, “Disciplines of a Godly Man” is also available. 

Press on sisters and brothers in the faith!