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6 Powerful Reasons to Read the Bible Daily

reasons why you should read the bible

There are a lot of helpful reasons why we need to read the Bible daily. Bible reading is not to accumulate biblical facts and trivia alone. God’s word or Scripture is rich in biblical truths and principles that we can use in our lives daily. Busyness is the top reason why many of us don’t read […] Read more…

Why Keeping a Journal is Good For You


Aside from crafting, journaling has been the best form of therapy for this crazy and sentimental Mom of two. I have kept my thoughts in pretty diaries since high school. Though the entries were not consistent, I do find time to take note of my milestones then: When my crush smiled at me or when I […] Read more…

Sisterhood At Work


For two years now, I have been regularly meeting a small group of women every Thursday. I have been given the privilege to serve the Lord in facilitating/ leading a group of women who studies the Bible together. This group has evolved from being a mere study group to a family, a sisterhood. This group […] Read more…

A Parent’s Checklist


For seven seasons now, I have been part of this wonderful bible study group of women called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Each season, which is like an entire school year, men, women, toddlers, children, even teens, from all over the world study God’s word thoroughly. Check out for BSF classes in your country/area.  It […] Read more…