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I’m a GenX Mom Blogger


What does a Gen X mom blogger have to say when millennial bloggers reign supreme online? The number of “Mommy” bloggers have grown over the last ten years and continues to rise. When I decided to use blogging as a platform for my writing, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I intentionally attended blogging […] Read more…

Discipline for Twenty Fifteen


As Filipino families prepare Media Noche on New Year’s Eve, I was checking out new devotionals that I could subscribe to for 2015 from my YouVersion, Bible app. The “One Word That Will Change Your Life: 4-Day Devotional” stands out among the equally inspiring devos available. As I read the sample, it’s not really a daily follow-through […] Read more…

Who is Mr. Write?


If I could incarnate my relationship with writing, I would call him Mr. Write and here is our love story. I have to confess, Mr. Write has been and will always be my first love. Since the day I discovered him, I was smitten and drawn instantly. His eyes speak volumes. He knows what’s on […] Read more…

Staring at a Blank Page


A writing instructor once told me that in order to cultivate one’s writing skills, one should just write and write. Write about anything everyday. It doesn’t have to be deep or something spectacular, “Just write anything,” she says. The more one writes, the more inspired one gests. Who knows a simple idea might give birth to a blog post that […] Read more…

Am I Good Enough?


I made a huge step recently by deciding to finally self-host my blog.  I was having those shoulda-woulda-coulda moments months before I turned 40. It was very timely (God’s timing) that our church mentors decided to facilitate an overnight retreat for the entire discipleship group. The retreat focused on Creating a Personal Life Plan and finding your […] Read more…

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