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Who Do They Think You Are?


If we go ask our friends one positive trait they see in us, what would they say? This was the question posed in our last summer discipleship getaway. We were to write one good trait about each person in the group. After making a list of adjectives, we couldn’t help but laugh at some of the […] Read more…

Training for Life


Training is defined by Webster as a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for art, profession or job. Athletes go through training to prepare them for a competition. Everyone goes through training whatever our background is. And the cool thing about it is that learning and training never stops. There […] Read more…

I Say YES…God’s Answers to Prayers Part 2


In my previous post,  God’s Answers to Prayers , I shared that God sometimes gives us a NO answers to our prayers. Today, as I continue to reflect on Dr. Stanley’s book,  let me share what he says are the prerequisites to receiving a YES answer from the Lord. God balances His giving to us. He desires […] Read more…

The Silence of the Mom


I have been under the weather since Friday. I came home from a coop meeting with colds and a splitting headache. Today, I am coughing incessantly that I avoided talking.  As much as I want to tell the kids what to do or reprimand them, I resulted to pointing and whispering  instructions. They thought I was […] Read more…

Time to Needle It


Jianne has been asking me to fix her favorite teddy bear for months now. “Beary” needs some stitching at the back of the head and the leg. Finally, she caught me this morning on a very light schedule, just watching a video online and asked if I could “needle” (meaning to sew) Beary. So I […] Read more…

Finishing Strong


As students from conventional schools are ending their school year this week and next week, Coby is just a few weeks away from completing his third grade. Hopefully, we end just before his 9th birthday, which falls on a Holy Week, again 🙂 I have already expressed in my previous blog that this year has […] Read more…