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Failure is not Final


Failure. It is a word we all avoid at all cost. We do everything in our power to succeed in life. No one starts in life wanting to fail. All of us what to accomplish a goal, complete a task, finish the race, pass the grade, make the mark and so on. But what if […] Read more…

Get Back in the Race

run the race for christ

Running a marathon is an item in my bucket list that has not come to fruition. I have friends who ran marathons for years, while I am stuck in the planning stage. I know that running a marathon is a serious business. Ask any marathon finisher and they will show you what to do to […] Read more…

Stretch the Spirit


  Being stretched thin makes you a canvass for God’s glory. -Ann Voskamp As I grew in my relationship with the Lord, I realized that we (Jesus and myself)┬áhave a lot of work to do regarding my faith and my character. He opens my heart to reveal my unconfessed sin, wrong attitudes, and even wrong […] Read more…