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Watch God Work

watch god work

When was the last time you watched God work in your life? My husband fell ill on my birthday. I didn’t think much of it because I am used to him being lethargic on weekends when he had a stressful week at work. But when his fever progressed and his headaches persisted, we decided to […] Read more…

Keep Loving


It’s half-past three in the afternoon and this runny nose is pestering me. A cup of coffee was what I needed to perk me up. Plopped in front of the desktop, waiting for that writing prompt to fall on my lap. Nada. Then I saw this quote from Brightside on Facebook. It hit me right […] Read more…

Meaningful Connections on Facebook


I’ve considered deactivating my Facebook account for 101 reasons …but I will not bore you with all of them 🙂 While contemplating on this step, I decided to create a temporary account that would manage both my blog and business page on Facebook. I only added three people, my 2 kids and my husband to […] Read more…

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun–7 Helpful Tips in Planning your High School Homecoming


Dressed in their 80’s costumes, the not-so-professional dancers, some of whom never danced on stage their entire life, waited anxiously at the backstage to perform for a crowd of almost 400 people. They memorized and practiced the steps one week prior to homecoming night and this was their moment of glory, so to speak. As […] Read more…