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reasons to start journal writing

5 Reasons to Start Journal Writing Now

Journal writing marked my teenage years. My journal became a silent supporter and confidante. It never questioned my words nor my thoughts. Journal writing did a lot to my young soul. In college, I put this practice on hold because I was busy in school. When I committed my life to Christ many years later, …

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Start to Write with A Line A Day

Writing has been an escape for me as a young girl. Family issues bombarded my young mind then and using a pen and paper, I would jot down my thoughts and questions in my diary. Journaling¬†and creating imaginary families in my notebook, softened the pain of an unhappy family life. Although, I took a totally …

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Why Keeping a Journal is Good For You

Aside from crafting, journaling has been the best form of therapy for this crazy and sentimental¬†Mom of two. I have kept my thoughts in pretty diaries since high school. Though the entries were not consistent, I do find time to take note of my milestones then: When my crush smiled at me or when I …