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When God Says Stop

Coby's "Earthquake Scene" for Science. Notice the police car and the ambulance :)

Have you ever experienced something like this: You are about to do or say something then you feel this strong urge to just stop?  You don’t know what it is or who is it that’s preventing you from taking the next step.  Some say it’s your conscience, a “higher power” or for the believers, it’s […] Read more…

This Boy Doesn’t Like Sports


I am the only girl among three siblings. Both of my younger brothers grew up playing basketball and following the PBA or NBA games all the time. The elder of the two boys would join summer tournaments in our village. While our youngest enrolled in Milo’s Basketball Summer Clinic in his elementary days. Up to […] Read more…

A Different Kind of Boy


He is different. He is not the athletic boy who would be shooting hoops in the backyard. He does not like sports. He would rather ride his bike “leisurely”, as what he describes his biking, around the neighborhood discovering insects, grime or what have you. He loves to explore around the house. Sometimes I would […] Read more…