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When Social Media becomes Personal

social media personal

It’s been two weeks since I deactivated my Facebook and personal Instagram account. If you’re one of my online friends or you follow me on these platforms, you know that I try to share inspiring and positive posts. However, when a screw gets lose, I rant once in a while. I dare to claim that “this […] Read more…

Meaningful Connections on Facebook


I’ve considered deactivating my Facebook account for 101 reasons …but I will not bore you with all of them 🙂 While contemplating on this step, I decided to create a temporary account that would manage both my blog and business page on Facebook. I only added three people, my 2 kids and my husband to […] Read more…

Facebook Unfriend List


We, Filipinos are known for our friendly demeanor. We are warm, hospitable and very accommodating. But I think this character is tested when it comes to social media. A lot of people got in trouble because of their posts. There are also those who have been bullied online and were harshly treated by strangers. Is […] Read more…