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Shifting Seasons, Shifting Careers


What season of life are you in now? Are you contemplating on shifting careers?  Is there a business proposal you are seriously considering?  Do have a toddler who zaps your energy or a teenager who never responds to your text messages? Whatever season you are in now, breathe and just take it all in. In […] Read more…

Sisterhood At Work


For two years now, I have been regularly meeting a small group of women every Thursday. I have been given the privilege to serve the Lord in facilitating/ leading a group of women who studies the Bible together. This group has evolved from being a mere study group to a family, a sisterhood. This group […] Read more…

What are You Doing, Mom?


There are a very few moms I look up to who have successfully transitioned from being “just a mom” to following their passion in life. Their change was brought about by a longing in their hearts to do what they were created to do. Maybe it was God’s way of pushing them to pursue His […] Read more…

You Complete Me


These words became so eminent in the 90’s after Jerry Maguire, played by Tom Cruise confesses his true feelings to Dorothy Boyd, the character played by Renee Zellweger. During that time, single women  including myself shudder at the thought of having someone say the exact same words to us. I mean, who wouldn’t? “You complete me” […] Read more…

Pretty in Pink


I am excited to attend the http://www.Jesus event in church tomorrow. It has been quite a while since a women’s conference has been organized by our local church. The seminar will focus on 3W’s, Women, Wellness and Wholeness. For events like these, we need volunteers and I was asked to assist in the distribution of meals […] Read more…

Inspired to Read


I had just finished reading a book by Barbara Hughes, “Disciplines of a Godly Woman”. What a great way to start the year! The book was given to me as a Christmas gift by a sister in the faith and I kept thanking her after just reading the first chapter.  Barbara Hughes is married to […] Read more…